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art frequency 2

art frequency sheets 2

twittering machine klee
the kiss klimt
migrant mother lange
pinkie lawerence
the last supper da vinci
mona lisa da vinci
madonna of the rocks da vinci
washington crossing the delaware leutze
whaam! lichtenstein
time transfixed margritte
the human condition margritte
the false mirror margritte
olympia manet
luncheon on the grass manet
the bar at the folies-bergeres manet
the fifer manet
portrait of zola manet
the tribute money masaccio
expulsion of adam and eve masaccio
joy of life matisse
blue nude matisse
the red studio matisse
portrait with a green stripe matisse
jazz matisse
the last judgement michelangelo
sistine chapel ceiling michelangelo
pieta michelangelo
david michelangelo
the gleaners millet
the sower millet
the angelus millet
composition in/with various colors mondrian
broadway boogie woogie mondrian
impression: sunrise monet
rouen cathedral monet
water lilies monet
haystacks monet
poplars monet
the scream munch
the discus thrower myron
black iris o'keeffe
the madonna of the long neck parmigianino
parthenon friezes and sculpture phidias
guernica picasso
les demoiselles d'avignon picasso
three musicians picasso
the old guitarist picasso
number 1 pollock
1950 pollock
the rape of the sabine women poussin
school of athens raphael
madonna of the goldfinch raphael
sistine madonna raphael
galatea raphael
monogram rauschenberg
the night watch rembrandt
the anatomy lesson of dr. tulp rembrandt
aristotle contemplating the bust of homer rembrandt
bronco buster remington
le moulin de la galette renoir
luncheon of the boating party renoir
mrs. siddons as the tragic muse reynolds
the thinker rodin
monument to balzac rodin
the kiss rodin
the burghers of calais rodin
the gates of hell rodin
the age of bronze rodin
voctor hugo rodin
the sleeping gypsy rousseau
marie de medici series rubens
the judgement of paris rubens
the raising of the cross rubens
descent from the cross rubens
madame z sargent
a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte seurat
george washington stuart
venus of urbino titian
the rape of europa titian
at the moulin rouge lautrec
the signing of the declaration of independence trumbell
rain, steam and speed turner
fighting temeraire turner
the slave ship turner
the potato eaters van gogh
the starry night van gogh
night cafe van gogh
irises van gogh
sunflowers van gogh
portrait of dr. gachet van gogh
self-portrait with bandaged ear van gogh
crows over the wheat field van gogh
the maids of honor velazquez
surrender of brenda valaquez
pope innocent x velazquez
venus and cupid velazquez
view of delft vermeer
young woman with a water jug vermeer
marylin monroe warhol
embarkation for cythera watteau
death of general wolfe west
death on a pale horse west
arrangement in grey and black whistler
nocturne in blue and gold: the falling rocket whistler
the white girl whistler
the spirit of '76 willard
american gothic wood
daughters of the revolution wood
guggenheim museum in new york wright
christina's world wyeth
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