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Test 1

SALT Test 1 for pgs. 1-54

What was the truth in "God sees the Truth but Waits?" That Makar committed the murder.
According to William Cowper, with what material does Wisdom build? knowledge
In "A Good Name," what does the robber of a good name gain? nothing
What should every dog own? a man
What was Ivan Aksionov wrongly convicted of doing? murdering a merchant
In "The Finger of God," who was going to turn Strickland in to the police? his butler, Benson
After being treated kindly by Elda Willmansson, the peddler returned the WHAT he had stolen? 30 kroner
"Up From Slavery" was written by who? Booker T. Washington
Under what name did Strickland try to book a train to Chicago? Alfred Stevens
During Galileo's day, most people believed that WHAT? the sun revolved around the earth
At the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, the early students once dug a basement to use a WHAT? kitchen/dining area
Other than his servants in "The Rat Trap," who lived with the ironmaster? his daughter, Elda Willmansson
What was Galileo's punishment after the trial? He had to live in seclusion and stop teaching that the earth moved.
What was the name of Galileo's telescope? Old Discoverer
To what book does "The Book Our Mothers Read" refer? the bible
Who asked Andy to take care of the dog? his brother, Joe
What secret did the Governor ask Ivan to reveal about a fellow prisoner? He wanted to know who was digging the tunnel
What story is this quote from. " have carried out a noble purpose to a noble end?" "Success"
Who wrote "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer?" Walt Whitman
The students and teachers at Tuskegee tried four times before they were successfully ablt to make WHAT in the kiln? bricks
A written account of a person's life is called what? a biography
The person through whom a writer expresses ideas and attitudes is called? the speaker
The structure or planned framework of a work is called? the plot
The attribution of human qualities to an idea, animal or inanimate object is called? personification
An indication that hints at later events in the story is called? foreshadowing
Who wrote "Othello?" Shakespeare
Who wrote "The Battle-Field"(Truth)? William Cullen Bryant
"He realized, too, how clear and simple their reasons for actions were, even when they killed" is from what story? "You've Got to Learn"
"I'm going to make good. I'm going to face the music! Because I'm an honest man!" What story is this from? "The Finger of God"
"Nevertheless, the earth does move" is from what story? "Explorer of the Stars"
When did Andy change his mind about seeking revenge? after seeing the otter defend his pup from the lynxes
What was the girl's professional relationship to Strickland? She worked in his office as a secretary.
What did the girl bring Strickland? papers to sign
What kind of dog owns the man in "Every Dog Should Own a Man?" english setter
In "The Blanket," what instrument did Granddad play? fiddle
Who brought Granddad his new blanket? Dad
Created by: Mrs. Howie



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