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Sports Medicine bone

All the bones of the body

What is the mustache bone? Maxillae
What is the jaw bone? Mandible
What is the Mastoid Process? The bump behind the ear lobes
What are the neck bones? And what are the abbreviations? Cervical Vertebrae. C-1 thru C-7
What are the upper back bones in the spine? And what are the abbreviations? Thoracic Vertebrae. T-1 thru T-12
What are the lower back bones in the spine? And what are the abbreviations? Lumbar Vertebrae L-1 thru L-5
Where is the Sacrum? How many bones are in it? In between the hip bones. 5 fused
What is the Coccyx? your tailbone
What are the first 7 pairs of ribs? True ribs
What are the next 3 pairs of ribs? False ribs
What are the 2 back pairs of ribs? Floating Ribs
What are your ribs connected to? Sternum
What is the top of the Sternum? the Manubrium
What is the middle of the Sternum? Body of the Sternum
What is the bottom of the Sternum? Xyphoid Process
What is the shoulder blade called? Scapula
What is the top Fossa of the scapula? Suprascapular fossa
What is the bottom fossa of the scapula? subscapular fossa
What is the bottom angle? Inferior Angle
What is the top angle? Superior Angle
What is the bottom process of the scapula? coracoid process
what is the top process of the scapula? acromion process
What is the lateral bone of the forearm? The Radius
What is the Medial bone of the forearm? the Ulna
What is the Olecranon Process? Your elbow
What fits into the Olecranon Fossa? The Olecranon Process
Define: Proximal Closer to the point of origin
Define: Distal farthest from the point of origin
Define: Rotation rotates on an axis
Define: Circumduction makes a circle with a body part
Define: Elevation to raise a body part
Define: Depression to lower a body part
Define: Anterior the front of the body
Define: Posterior the back of the body
What are your phalanges? Your fingers
1st carpel? (Terrible) Trapezium
2nd carpel? (Todd) Trapezoid
3rd carpel? (could) Capitate
4th carpel? (hardly) Hamate
5th carpel? (stand) Scaphoid
6th carpel? (Lucy's) Lunate
7th carpel? (terrific) Triquetral
8th carpel? (pig) pisiform
Where is your Navicular? Above the Calcaneous in the foot
What are your butt bones? Ischium
Where is your medial maleolus? On your Tibia
Where is your Lateral maleolus? On your Fibula
What is your knee cap called? Patella
What are the two bumps on your Femur? The Greater Trochanter & Lesser Trochanter
Where are the condyles? On your Femur
Where are the epicondyles? On your Humerus
What is between the clavical & menubrium? Sternoclavicular Joint
What is between the clavical & Acromion process? Acromioclavicular Joint
Created by: HannahRae