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unit 01vocab words h

unit 1 vocab

: An educational program in which students receive direct work experience and training for a specific trade/career. Apprenticeship
The members present at a meeting. Assembly
A program of instruction which encompasses business skills and techniques, basic economics, and business attitudes essential to participate in the multinational marketplace as productive workers and consumers. Business and Information Technology Education
A program of study designed for meeting the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each student while providing opportunities for gainful employment, advanced education, and practical life application. Career-Technical Education
The presiding officer at the meeting Chair (chairperson)
The knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes necessary for performing certain tasks. Competency
An educational program in which students work part-time on a job that is related to one of their classes. Cooperative Education
An Association of Marketing Students DECA
The ability to reach a final conclusion Decision-making
Assigning or allocating responsibilities, time, or authority to others. Delegating
Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA
A small mallet or hammer used by the president to call a meeting to order Gavel
A motion that arises out of a pending motion Incidental motion
An educational program in which students receive a direct work experience and exposure to the various aspects of a career, either with or without pay. nternships
A program of instruction designed to prepare students for entry level jobs, advancement in marketing and management careers, and/or for future studies in two-year technical/community colleges or four-year colleges or universities. Marketing Education
Created by: Bannerkiller
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