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Frequency in art-eh

frequency in art sheets

the statue of liberty bartholdi
ecstasy of st. theresa Bernini
fur traders descending the missouri bingham
the jolly flatboatmen bingham
mount rushmore borglum
the garden of earthly delights bosch
the temptation of st. anthony bosch
the birth of venus botticelli
primavera botticelli
bird in space brancusi
sleeping muse brancusi
peasant wedding bruegel
hunters in the snow bruegel
lobster trap and fish tail calder
the conversion of st paul caravaggio
the calling of st matthew caravaggio
the bath cassatt
perseus cellini
mont sainte-victoire cezanne
the card players cezanne
bathers series cezanne
i and the village chagall
running fence christo
surrounded islands christo
wrapper reichstag christo
umbrellas christo
the hay wain constable
watson and the shark copely
boy with the squirrel copely
portrait of paul revere copely
the stone breakers courbet
a burial at ornans courbet
the painter's studio courbet
the persistance of memory dali
third class carriage daumier
rue transonian 15 avril 1834 daumier
the oath of the horatii david
death of marat david
death of socrates david
napolean crossing the alps david
abstinthe drinkers degas
ballet rehersal degas
woman series dekooning
liberty leading the people delacroix
the massacre at chios delacroix
the death of the sardanapalus delacroix
the barque of dante delacroix
women of algiers delacroix
i saw the figure 5 in gold demuth
david donatello
st george and the dragon donatello
nude descending a staircase duchamp
fountain duchamp
st jerome in his study durer
four horsemen of the apocolypse durer
adoration of the magi durer
the gross clinic eakins
max schmitt in a single scull eakins
the marriage of giovanni arnolfini and giovanna cenami eyck
a man in a red turban eyck
the swing fragonard
abraham lincoln french
the blue boy gainsborough
mrs. richard brinsley sheridan gainsborough
robert andrews and his wife gainsborough
the yellow christ gauguin
jacob wrestling with the angel gauguin
tahitian women gauguin
judith and the maidservant with the head of holofernes gentileschi
susana and the elders gentileschi
the raft of the medusa gericault
gates of paradise ghiberti
arena chapel frescos giotto
third of may 1808 goya
the disasters of war goya
maja clothed/maja nude goya
saturn devouring his children goya
the family of charles IV goya
witches sabbath goya
the burial of count orgaz el greco
view of toledo el greco
isenheim altarpiece gruenwald
the laughing cavalier hals
banquet of the officers of the st. george militia company hals
a rake's progress hogarth
marriage a la mode hogarth
the ambassadors holbein
henry VIII holbein
erasmus of rotterdam holbein
the gulf stream homer
snap the whip homer
northeaster homer
nighthawks hopper
the turkish bath ingres
la grande odalisque ingres
flag johns
target with four faces johns
three flags johns
Created by: punk_stripes94