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Basic Terms Computer

1st 9 wks vocabulary Middle School Level

Computer Electronic device that performs computations and makes logical decisions
CPU The brain of the computer
CTRL A The short cut command to select all
Cursor Flashing line that appears in most software programs to show exactly where the action is on the screen
Fair Use Limited amount of copyrighted material allowed for your educational use
Hardware Any part of the computer you can see or touch
Headphone This device allows you to listen to video and audio silently
Home Tab Includes the clipboard
Insert Tab Some of the sections included are: pages
Keyboard The device that allows you to enter text
Maximize A term that means to enlarge a window to fill your entire screen
Minimize Use to change the size of your window to larger or smaller
Mouse A handheld pointing device that lets you select and move items
Page Layout Tab Includes margins
Plagiarism The Latin word for kidnapping; when you use someone else’s words or ideas and pass them off as your own
Printer A device that prints a hard copy of your work
RAM Random Access Memory
ROM Read Only Memory
Scanner A device that allows you to import pictures and use in your documents
Scroll Bar The bar that moves your page up and down the monitor
Software A set of electronic instructions that tells the computer what to do
Title Bar The bar across the top of the documents that gives the name of the document you are working on
Work Space The area in which your work shows on the screen
Office Button This button is used to save, print, open, etc (replaces file button from previous versions of Word)
Window Border Used to change (drag) the the size of your window larger or smaller
Created by: pbaucum