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Honors 1

allegory story illustrating an idea or a moral principle in which objects take on symbolic meanings.
alliteration repetition of the initial sounds of several words
allusion reference in one literary work to a person, place, event, or other literary work
ambiguity a statement which can contain two or more meanings
analogue a comparison between two similar things; in literature, a work which resembles another either fully or in part
anapest two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable forming the pattern for a line or poem
anecdote a very short tale told by a character in a literary work
antagonist a person or force which opposes the protagonist in a literary work
aphorism a brief statement which expresses an observation on life, usually intended as a wise observation
apostrophe a figure of speech wherein the speaker speaks directly to something nonhuman
aside a device in which a character in a drama makes a short speech which is heard by the audience but not by other characters in the play
assonance repetition of vowel sounds in a literary work
autobiography the story of a person's life written by him or herself
ballad a story in poetic form, often about tragic love and usually sung
biography the story of a person's life written by someone other than the subject of the work
blank verse a poem written in unrhymed iambic pentameter
cacophony/euphony cacophony: unpleasant combination of sounds euphony: pleasant combination of sounds
caesura a pause within a line of poetry which may or may not affect the metrical count, usually indicated by the symbol //
canto subdivision of an epic poem like in the "Divine Comedy"
carpe diem Latin for "seize the day"
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