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Int Media - Unit 1

Int Media - What is a Computer?

A device that has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data, and can be programmed with instructions that it remembers Computer
A type of computer that sits on a desk and can be used by one person, also called a personal computer Microcomputer or Desktop Computer
A type of computer that is portable and weighs only a few pounds, it is powered by a rechargeable battery Laptop or Notebook Computer
A type of computer that is more powerful and faster than most personal computers, typically used for graphics, scientific computing, or CAD Workstation
A type of computer that is used by small and medium sized businesses to run various office application and store files, it has the ability to carry out more than one program at the same time Minicomputer or Server
A type of computer that is as large as a refrigerator, typically used for commercial applications by large businesses, they have the ability to support thousands of users at one time and have enormous storage capacity Mainframe
The fastest type of computer, typically employed by specialized applications that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations, such as weather forecasting, all the power is used towards executing a few programs as fast as possible Super Computer
An input device that contains keys used to type letters and numbers Keyboard
An input device that uses lights and mirrors to copy an image on a piece of paper and place it into a format the computer can use Scanner
An input device that contains a ball which when rotated changes the position of the mouse pointer on the screen Trackball
An input device that reacts to the touch of a finger as it is moved across the pad Touch Pad
An input device that is a special monitor which when touched with a finger, is used to make selections Touch Screen
An input device used to move the mouse pointer on the screen by pushing the object across the surface Mouse
An input device used to record or transmit sound made by a person's voice when they talk or sing Microphone
An input device used to move the mouse pointer or other symbol by moving a lever in all directions Joystick
An input device shaped like a pen that is used to draw, make menu selections, or write notes Light Pen
An output device used to hear sound from the computer Speakers
An output device that speaks aloud words on the screen Speech Synthesizer
An output device that displays pictures and words on a screen Monitor
An output device that prints graphs, charts, and other documents using pens that draw lines, arches and curves on paper Plotter
An output device that is worn on the head and has a speaker over each ear Headphones
An output device that prints pictures and words by placing dots on the paper Printer
Created by: mryan396
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