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Polish My Girlfriend Would Have Me Know Before Meeting the Parents.

Yes Tak
No Nie (ny-yeh)
Ok Dobra
Please Prosze (pro-cher)
Thank you Dziekuje (gen-coo-yow) Or Dzieki (gen-kye)
Sorry Pepraszam (p-cher-pra-sham)
Hello Czesc (chest)
Goodbye Do widzenia ( doh-ve-zer-nya)
Good morning Dobry Ranek. (dobreh ranek)
Cheers Na zdrowie (nas-drov-iah)
Good Dobrze (dob-zcher)
Bad Zie (zleh)
Very Bardzo (barrd-tzo)
Why Dlaczego (dlar-chair-go)
What Co (t-sore)
I'm Mamsie (mam-show)
Me too Ja tez (ya tesh)
How are you Jak sie masz (yak ce mash)
I miss you Tesknie za toba (townsk-yeown-za-tobo)
I love you Kocham cie (co-ham-chow)
What are you doing Co robisz ( sore-robbish)
Darling Kochanie (co-han-yer)
Forever Na zawsze (na-zav-cher)
Beautiful Piekna (peow-k-na)
Party Zabawa (za-ba-va)
Woman Kobieta (ko-bi-ta)
Man Mezczyzna (meow-striz-na)
Dog Pies (pee-yes)
Cat Kot
Horse Kon
Cow Krowa (crow-va)
Bird Ptak (p-tak)
Fish Ryba (rib-a)
Fly Moo ha
Wasp Osa
Bee Pshh tau wa
Stupid male Glupi (goo-pe)
Stupid female Glupia (goo-pe-a)
Crap Gowno (guvnor)
Smart arse Madrala (mo-dr-la)
Food Jedzenie (yedz-enya)
Good Food Dobre Jedzenie. (dobreh yedz-enya)
Use Uzywam (oo-cher-vam)
Nice weather Ladna pogoda (wadh-na pog-oda)
Beautiful land Piekny kraj (peow-kner kcry)
I like you Lubie cie (lub-yeow chow)
I like it Lubie to (lub-yeow toh)
Good Evening Dobry wieczor (dob-reh vier-chore)
Me Ja (yar)
I am Jestem (yes-tem)
Fantastic Fantastyczny (fan-tast-itch-ner)
I am hungry Jestem glodny (yes-tem gwad-ni)
I am tired Jestem zmeczony (yes-tem zmow-cho-ni)
I am 38 Mam 38 lat
Your daughter is fantastic ! Twoja corka jest fantastyczna (t-foe-ya surka-ka yest fan-tast-itch-ner)
Surprise Zaskoczyc (zas-cotch)
Surprise me Zaskocz mnie (zas-cotch min-yeh)
You Cie (chow)
Created by: Grendeloak



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