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Photoshop CS5 - 2

Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop CS5 ~ Ch. 2

Moves (V) Moves selected area of an image.
Crop (C) Trims an image to create a new size.
Eyedropper (I) Samples color from an area of an image.
Spot Healing Brush (j) Quickly fixes slight imperfections by cloning nearby pixels.
Brush (B) Paints strokes of color.
Clone Stamp (S) Duplicates an area of the image.
Marquee (M) Selects pixels by drawing a box or circle around the area you want to edit.
Quick Selection Brush (W) Selects pixels with brush shapes.
Gradient (G) Fills selected areas with blended color effects.
Type (T) Adds type to an image or selected type that you have added.
Blur Blurs objects in your image.
Dodge (O) Brightens specific areas of your image.
Pen (P) Creates custom shapes by drawing and connecting lines or paths.
Path Selection (A) Selects lines that you have drawn with the pen or other tools.
Rectangle (U) Draws solid
3D Tools Creates and edits 3-D objects. The tools include the Object Rotate tool (K) and the Camera Rotate tool (N).
Hand (H) Shifts an image in the image window to display unseen parts.
Zoom (Z) Zooms your view of an image in or out.
Foreground and Background Colors Displays and lets you set foreground and background colors.
Created by: teanderson