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BMI Day 1

BMI Training Day 1

What is an example of BMI Processes? General Admin, Configuration, Commerce, Doc Engine Output
What is Yellow Belt Cert? Certification
What is Blue Belt Cert? BML, Doc Eng, Comm, Conf.
What is an additional Integra SFDC Integration
What is an Advance BML Course?
What is an advance Doc Eng Class
What is advance Config?
What is advanced Commerce?
What is Present and Propose? Allow a design a template in the doc eng.
When do recommendation Rules run? Single-Select Attribute vers Update.
What is a constraint rule? In RED stop a selection.
Commerce Decides what information is displayed
Configuration Always custom.
What is the pending phase? Build, quote, pending.
What exactly is the role of the BMI Admin? Sales or Admins
Configuration Flow know as? UI
Configurations Product Hierarchy Product Family
Configurations Rule Only show the UI what is related.
Tabs Groups Attributes Text Fields, Single Select, Multi-Selects
Commerce and Documents Process Definition
What is an attribute? A Property the defines a configured product.
Configurable Attributes Does the attribute drive
What attributes do we need? Label Name
Explicit Programming If Blank.
What is Force Set? Lock it down.
Pricing Configure Pricing
Attributes Recommendateion
Constraints Gray Out Options
Driving Sales Behavior
Hiding Rules Only show based on prior selection.
Rec Item Rules Items = Parts
Site Branding Header
Parts Data Bring parts into the system.
Quick Links
Product Definition Families, Lines and Models
Catalog Definition
Created by: astonvic
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