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Niagara Falls, or ..

Niagara Falls, or does it? by Henry Winkler

blindfold something, usually a cloth, that is used to cover the eyes to hinder or prevent sight
chanted repeated words in a singsong, regular, or mechanical way
concentrate to center or focus one's attention or thought; to think about closely
creativity the ability to use the imagination to develop new and orginal ideas or things; imagination or originality; artistic ability; inventiveness
frustrated annoyed or irritated at being unable to do something or have a desire satisfied; disappointed in a way that makes one annoyed or angry; helplessly angry
lint bits of fluff from cloth fibers; fuzz; down
rhinestone formed with an imitation gem that is made out of rock crystal, glass or paste; made of an artificial jewel that is cut to look like a diamond
vegetarian in keeping with a diet that does not include meat; eating a diet made up of grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables with few or no animal products
volunteered offered help or information willingly; entered the military at one's own decision; offered to join the armed forces
yoga a system of exercise performed to promote control of the body and mind; a Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility
Created by: Satanta