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Those developed throughout your lifetime, as a result of repetitious use of certain muscles Acquired facial markings
Small convex prominence lateral to the end of the line of lip closure of the mouth. Angulus Oris Eminence
Groove at each end of the line of closure of the mouth Angulus Oris Sulcus
External nostril openings Anterior Nares
Inner rim of the ear Antihelix
Small eminence obliquely opposite the tragus, located on the superior border of the lobe of the ear. Antitragus
Curved, as the beak of an eagle; as viewed from the profile, a nasal profile which exhibits a "hook" or convexity in its dorsum Aquiline
Verical furrow of the cheek Bucco-facial sulcus
Eyelashes; the fringe of hair edging the eyelids Cilia
Medial partition between the nostrils Columna Nasi
Concave shell of the ear; the deepest depression of the ea Concha
Vertical prominence of the neck Cords of the neck
Transparent structure which constitutes the anterior part of the external layer of the eyeball Cornea
Bifurcation of the antihelix of the ear Crura
Part of the helix of the ear which is flattened in the concha Crus
Shallow depressions located on the cheek or chin; rounded or veritcal Dimples
Pinna; Organ of hearing Ear
Relatively long but slightly dipping curve Elliptical Curve
"Character" lines, wrinkles, grooves, cords, and dimples of the face and neck Facial markings
Elongated prominence adjoining a surface Fold
Cravice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elecations Furrows/Sulcus/Wrinkle
Shape of a plane figure determined by its outline; round, oval, square, etc. Geometrical
Elongated depression in a relatively level plane or surface Groove.
Outer rim of the ear Helix
Shaped as a bent wood weapon with a central belly; resembling a "cupid" bow. Hunting bow
Babyish, childlike, in regard to much adipose tissue Infantine
The part between the inferior margin of the inferior mucous membrane and the mental eminence Inferior Integumentary Lip
The furrow of the inferior borderof the inferior eyelid Inferior Palpebral Sulcus
Small elevation extending medially and obliquely from the medial corner of the eye Inner Canthus
Vertical or transverse furrows between the eyebrows Inerciliary Sulci
Notch between the tragus and the antitragus of the ear. Intertragic Notch
Lips. Labia
Vertical furrows of each lop extending from within the mucous membranes into the integumentary lips Labial Sulci
Junction of the inferior lip and the chin, which may appear as a furrow Labiomental Sulcus
Classification given to a nose which is long, narrow, and high-bridged Leptorrhine
Line that forms between two structures, such as the lips or the eyelids, when they are in a closed position, which marks their place of contact with each other Line of closure
Eyelid furrows which are short and broken, which run horizontally on the palpebrae themselves and may fan from both the medial and lateral corners of the eyes. Linear Sulci
Inferior third of the ear Lobe
Furrow beneath the jawline which rises vertically on the cheek. Madibular Sulcus
Tiny prominence on the midline of the superior mucous membrane Medial Lobe
The visible red surfaces of the lips; the lining membrane of body cavities which communicate with the exterior. Mucous Membranes
The angular area between the posterior margin of the wing of the nose and the nasolabial fold Nasal Sulcus
The eminence of the cheek adjacent to the mouth; extending from the superior part of the posterior margin of the wing of the nose to the side of the mouth. Nasolabial Fold
The furrow originating at the superior border of the wing of the nose and extending to the side of the mouth. Nasolabial Sulcus
Depression superior to the medial portion of the superior palpebrae. Naso-Orbital Fossa
Those that are present from birth; hereditary. Natural Facial Markings
The shallow, curving groove below the medial corner of the eyelids. Oblique Palpebral Sulcus
Crow's feet; the furrows radiating from the lateral corner of the eye. Optic Facial Sulci
Bags under the eyes, the fullness between the inferior palpebrae and the oblique palpebral sulcus Orbial Pouch
Eyelid Palpebra
A classification given to a nose which is short and broad and has the minimum of projection Platyrrhine
The transvers, dipping furrow of the neck Platysmal Sulci
A nose which is turned up at the end Retrousse
The apex (top) of the pyramid mass of the nose which lies directly inferiour to the forehead; the concave dip inferior to the forehead (profile view) Root of the nose
Fossa between the ineer and outer rims of the ear; the shallowest depression of the ear Scapha
Vertical cartilage dividing nasal cavity into two chambers, responsible for asymmetry of the nose; the right chamber is slightly larger Septum
Lateral walls of the nose Sides of nose
The junstion of the base of the chin and the submandibular area, which may appear as a furrow Submental Sulcus
Eyebrow Supercilium
The portion between the base of the nose and the superior margin of the superior mucous membrane Superior Integumentary Lip
The furrow of the superior border of the upper eyelid Superior Palpebral Sulcus
The terminationof the forward projection of the nose Tip
Elevation protecting the ear passage Tragus
The horizontal furrows of the forehead Transverse Frontal Sulci
Depression between the crura of the ear; the second deepest depression of the ear Triangular Fossa
The angled cut of the borders of an excision, made so that the skin surface will overhang the deeper tissues. Undercut
The line of color change at the junstion of the wet and dry portions of the mucous membranes Weather line
Lateral lobes of the nose Wings of the nose
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