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mental quiz3


R relative
U understandable
M measurable
B behavioral
A achievable
Why use QA track progress
Antipsychotic s.e. report immediately Tardive Diskinesia, extrapyramidal syndrome, neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Antipsychotic neuroleptics
Antidepressant 3 types tricyclics, MAOIs, SSRIs
Antimanic tx. affective disorders
Antianxiety tx. neurosis, personality disorder
Psychostimulant tx increases mental and physical activity/opposite effect on children
ECT tx. for depression
How long after ECT can pt. engage in activities 6 hrs
Antianxiety s.e. minor tranquilizer, can be addictive (benzodiaxepine; xanex, valium)
Antimanic s.e. lithium (side effect is fine hand tremor)
Antidepressant tx. depression, social withdrawel, increase activity, normalize sleep and appetite
Antipsychotic tx. Schizophrenia
Empathy requires listening skills
Sensitivity alertness to pt’s needs
Respect recognize as unique individual
Warmth friendliness, enthusiasm
Genuiness not phony, comfortable with who you are
Self-disclosure revealing myself when appropriate
Specificity state what is relevant
Immediacy giving feed-back right after event
ALOR Ask, listen, observe, reflect
Roles of therapeutic relationship instructor, coach, supervisor, role model, problem solver, environmental manager, group member
16 ways to control environment keys, restr. items, supplies ready, shatter proof mirrors, good judge who comes to OT gym, org. cab. for fast accurate count of dangerous items,alert pt. danger, follow safety precautions for toxins, know and use proper saf equip., observe fire code, pay
Suicide prevention prevent elopement, prevent means, don’t leave pt. alone
What to do if pt. assaults yell for help immediately
Ex, of pt. education simple first aid
Created by: mejasha
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