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MISC 311

MISC Final

application program interface that allows applications to make use of the operating system API (application program interface)
characteristic of an entity attribute
website that people can create and use to write about their observations, experiences, and opinions on a wide range of topics blog
using a giant cluster of computers to serve as a host to run applications that require high performance computing. cloud computing
downloading audio programs or music from the internet to play on computers or music players podcast
the simultaneous execution of the same task on multiple processor sin order to obtain results faster parallel processing
a subset of a data warehouse data mart
information analysis tool that involves the automated discovery of patterns and relationships in a data warehouse. Objective to extract patterns, trends, and rules data mining
a diagram fo data entities and their relationships data model
a database that collects business information from many sources in the enterprise, covering all aspects of the company's processes, products and customers. data warehouse
a report developed to give certain information at someone's request demand report
the person or group who has the expertise or knowledge the expert system is trying to capture domain expert
using information systems and the internet to performa all business related tasks and functions e-business
any business transaction executed electronically between companies e-commerce
data models that use basic graphical symbols to show the organization of and relationships between data. entity relationship
hardware and software that stores knowledge and makes inferences, similar to a human expert. expert system
a network based on web technologies that links selected resources of a company's intranet with its customers suppliers or other business partners extranet
typically a name, number or combination of characters that describes an aspect of a business object or activity field
a collection of related records file
an approach to solving large, complex problems in which a number of related operations or models change and evolve until the best one emerges genetic algorithm
software application that consists of most elements in a DSS, plus software to provide effective support in a group decision making group support system
an interface that uses icons and menus displayed on screen to send commands to the computer system. graphical user interface (GUI)
commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution heuristics
relates the sense of touch and other physical sensations to the virtual world, is the least developed and perhaps the most challenging to create haptic interface
microprocessor that combines two or more independent processors into a single computer so they can share the workload and deliver a big boost in processing capacity multicore processor
codes that let the web browser know how to format text and whether images, sound, and other elements should be inserted HTML
par tof the expert system that seeks information and relationships from the knowledge base and provides answers, predictions, and suggestions similar to the way a human expert would inference engine
an internal network based on web technologies that allows people w/in an organization to exchange information and work on projects intranet
a philosophy of inventory management in which inventory and materials are delivered just before they are used in manufacturing a product. just in time inventory
a summary of the previous day's critical activities; typically available at the beginning of each workday key indicator report
a combination of software and hardware that allows teh computer to change how it functions for reacts to situations based on feedback it receives. learning systems
flat displays that use liquid crystals LCD screen
a field or set of fields that uniquely identifies the record primary key
viruses and wormsl, which are software programs that, when loaded into a computer system, will destroy, interrupt, or cause errors in processing malware
the identification of specific markets to target them with advertising messages market segmentation
part of a DSS that provides decision makers access to a variety of models and assists them in decision making model base
processing that allows the computer to understand and react to statements and commands made in a nautral language natural language processing
a computer system that can simulate the functioning of a human brain neural network
software that allows users to explore data from a number of perspectives OLAP (online analytical processing)
a small program hidden in a network or a computer system that records identification umbers and passwords passwords sniffer
help provide additional features to standard web sties plug ins
the web as a computing platform that supports software applications and the sharing of information between users web 2.0
method of storing data that generates extra bits of data from existing data, allowing the system to create a reconstruction ma so that if a hard drive fails, the system can rebuild lost data RAID (redundant array of independent/inexpensive discs)
a collection of related data fields record
based on research by Eastman Kodak Company and is appearing on the market in small electronic devices. LCD screens contain a flurorescent backlight, these directly emit light OLED (organic light emitting diodes)
device that forwards data packets to parts of a computer network router
a model that will find a good - but not necessarily the best - problem solution satisficing
description of the database schema
standardized data manipulation language developed by IBM...the standard query language for databases SQL
an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to record completed business transaction TPS
an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to support problem specific decision making DSS
specialized DSS that includes all hardware, software, data, procedures, and people used to assist senior-level executives within the organization ESS
an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases and devices that provides routine information to managers and decision makers. MIS
a malicious program that disguises itself as a useful application or game and purposeful does something the user does not expect trojan horse
the process by which VPNs transfer information by encapsulating traffic in IP packets over the internet tunneling
an assigned address on the internet for each computer URL
a computer program file capable of attaching to disks or other files and replicating itself repeatedly, typically without the user's knowledge or permission virus
a parasitic computer program that can create copies of itself on the infected computer or send copies to other computers via a network worm
performs mathematical caculations and makes logical comparisons Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)
ancestor of internet. project started by dept. of defense 1969 arpanet
markup language that defines the visual appearance of content on a web page cascading style sheet (CSS)
criminal hacker cracker
person with knowledge and skill in computers. now is a negative thing. hacker
the purpose is to seek information and relationships from the knowledge base and to provide answers, predictions, suggestions like a human expert inference engine
User interface; allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms and phrases diaglogue manager
collection of instructions and commands used to define and describe data and relationships in a specific database data definition language (DDL)
a group of programs that manipulate the database and provide an interface between the database and the user of the application programs database management system (DBMS)
allowable values for data attributes domain
a set of integrated programs that manages the vital business operations for an entire multisite, global organization. Replaces many applications with one unified set of programs (ERP) Enterprise resource planning
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