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Knights Roundtable

Characters Of The Legend

The Maiden's Knight,brothers of Gaheris,Gareth,Agravaine,nephew of arthur,one of mightiest warriors Sir Gawaine
The knight who always looked for adventure and action,Eldest son of King Erbin,husband of Lady Enid Sir Geraint
youngest brother of Sir Gawaine,devoted to Sir Lancelot.Exemplified Chivalry Sir Gareth
Grail Prince,Son of Lancelot.ONE of the knights chosen for the Holy Grail.Perfect Knight Sir Galahad
Son of King Lot,Wife Morgause,sister of King Arthur.Squire to Brother Gawaine,acted as Gawaine's Conscience Sir Gaheris
ONLY KNIGHT TO SURVIVE THE QUEST hOLY gRAIL.A chase Knight,cousin of Sir LancelotKnight who returned to Holy Land and died fighting the crusades Sir Bors de Ganis
supporter of King Arthur from beginning of his reign,only knight to survive Battle of Camlan,threw the excalibur in the lake Sir Bedivere
Son of Ector,foster brother of King Arthur,one of threee enchanter knights of Britain,had mystical Powers,one of Arthurs most faithful Companions,very Tall man,Foremost warrior of court of king arthur Sir Kay
Grail Knight.Raised by mother in ignorance of arms and courtesy.second most pious,holy ut somewhat naive Sir Percivale
Son of King Pelinore,brother Of Percivale,one of Strongest Knights.Lover of Morgause,Known for deeds of Prowess.Received degree for jousting,Fought over 30 knights by himself,killed by Mordred/Gawaine for his Relationship with Morgause,Gawaine's Mother Sir Lamorak
Arthur's adviser,prophet.Magician Merlin
Mysterious female who gave Arthur The Excalibur,named Vivien The lady Of The Lake
Arthur's nephew,son of Arthur's sister,anna and her husband Lot.Became one Of Arthur's knight companion of Lancelot Mordred
Wife of Arthur,beautiful and desirable Queen Guinevere
Arthur's half sister,used black magic to enchant Lancelot Morgan Le Fay
son of King Ban of Benwick and Queen Elaine,First Knight,willing to serve others,never failed in gentleness,courage and courtesy Sir Lancelot du Lac
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