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Chapter 14 online

pivot point 14 nails

How long would you normally hold the artificial nail tip in place until dry? 5 to 10 seconds
Fine grit abrasives are designed for: Buffing, polishing, and removing very fine scratches
Nipping off artificial nail tips might cause damage to the: Nail bed
Overgrown cuticles are called: Pterygium
Why shouldn’t artificial nail tips be trimmed straight across? It will cause plastic to weaken
Buff the nail plate in order to remove: Natural oil
What are permanent items utilized in nail technology known as? Equipment
What is powdered alum or styptic powder used for? To stop minor bleeding
What part of the nail are overlays bonded to? The front of the nail plate
Which of the following contains fats and waxes? Cuticle cream
Natural and synthetic compounds of exceptionally high molecular weight consisting of repeated linked units (long chains) are: Polymers
Ringworm of the nail is known as: Onychomycosis
Use ________ in order to remove glue residue from the natural nail. A fine buffer block
________ are polymers. Hair and proteins, nail plates, Teflon and nylon
When providing a pedicure, the client’s foot should be held between your thumb and fingers at the: Mid-tarsal area of the client’s foot
Which of the following can be a sign of serious issues with the nail plate or the nail bed? Discoloration
_________is a thicker-viscosity cyanoacrylate monomer than nail tip adhesives. No-light gel
How many rinse and soap baths might a properly set up pedicure station use? Two
Which of the following is NOT a nail cosmetic? Styptic powder
Which system of the body are nails included in? The integumentary system
If the primed area of the nail is touched with a wet brush before the acrylic application: It will cause the acrylic to lift
At what point should you use monomer to clean up the edges or under the nail? Never
During the nail application of a paper wrap, the mending tissue should: Be tucked under the free edge
Which of the following helps with easier removal of cuticles while using a nipper? Cuticle solvent
Created by: edzemeum harrell
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