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CCIE R&S - IP Svcs

CCIE R&S - Written - Internet Protocol

Default HSRP Priority? 100
HSRP Hello Timer? 3 seconds
HSRP Dead Timer? 10 seconds
How is the HSRP Active router selected? Highest priority
What port and type does HSRP use for hellos? UDP, 1985
How does MHSRP track interfaces? IOS object tracking or HSRP tracking
What is the virtual MAC address of HSRP? 0000.0C07.ACxx, where xx is the hex group number
How to fix HSRP state changes on a multicast stub? Put an access-list on the non-DR
This GLBP router is responsible for responding to ARP requests with virtual MAC address AVG
Which GLBP load-balancing method is the default? round-robin
Which GLBP multicast address is used for hellos?
How often are GLBP hellos sent? Every 3 seconds
Which port and type does GLBP use? UDP, 3222
What GLBP router is only responsible for forwarding packets? AVF
What is the virtual MAC address of GLBP? 0007.B400.xxyy where xx is the GLP group number and yy is the GLP router number
How many GLP routers can there be in one group? 4
How many different GLBP groups can be on one interface? 1024
How is the Virtual IP address of VRRP different from HSRP? The Virtual IP of the Virtual Router Group is the same as the physical IP of the Virtual Route Master
What is the virtual MAC address of VRRP? 0000.5e00.01xx, where xx is the hex group number
How does VRRP track interfaces? Cisco IOS object tracking
Which load balancing protocol has pre-emption enabled by default? VRRP
This NAT address is assigned to a host inside the network Inside Local
This NAT address is a non-private address that represents the inside host Inside Global
This NAT address is the IP address of an outside host as it appears in the inside network Outside Local
This NAT address is the IP address assigned to a host on the outside network Outside Global
Which NAT keyword specifies Port Address Translation (PAT) overload
What is the command to configure a router in NTP client mode? ntp server X.X.X.X
Command to update battery powered hardware clock? ntp update-calendar
Command to configure router as NTP server ntp master [stratum]
What is the default NTP stratum? 8
What does NTP stratum 1 indicate? That the router itself is the time source
What NTP command is used to enable Symmetric Active Mode? ntp peer X.X.X.X
What NTP interface command is used to turn on broadcasts? ntp broadcast version 2
Describe the DHCP 4-way handshake process Host broadcasts discover, server unicasts OFFER, client unicasts REQUEST, server unicasts ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
What are the 3 mandatory steps to configure a DHCP server? Excluded Address, DHCP pool, and Network Address
What are the two ways to create DHCP reserved addresses? With the host command inside the pool or with the origin file command
What is the default version of WCCP? Version 2
What are the two main limitations of WCCP Version 1? It can only do port 80 redirects, and can only have 1 router per Content Engine Cluster
How many routers and Content Engines does WCCP Version 2 support? 32 routers and 32 Content Engines
If Multicast is used for WCCP communication, what are the two prerequisites? All Content Engines in the cluster must be able to communicate with all routers and the routers have to have a TTL of 15 or less
What are the two ways to redirect traffic in WCCP and when are they used? GRE (if router and content engine not on same subnet) or direct Layer2 if they are
How does WCCP handle L2 redirection? By rewriting the MAC address
Which WCCP interface command specifies what traffic to redirect? ip wccp web-cache redirect in (on requester facing interface) or ip wccp web-cache redirect out (on internet facing interface)
Command to globally enable WCCP? ip wccp web-cache
Command to limit WCCP Content Engines permitted to participate? Global or interface command? ip wccp web-cache group-list N (global)
Command to limit WCCP requesters? (global or interface) ip wccp web-cache redirect list N (interface)
What protocol and port does WCCP use? UDP 2048
How is the lead engine elected in WCCP? Lowest IP address
What type of security does WCCP use? MD5
Which IP version does WCCP support? IPv4 only
What does the command 'no logging on' do? Forces messages to the console
What protocol and port does Syslog use? UDP 514
How to create custom syslog event? event tag WORD
How to specify timeframe for event in Embedded Event Manager? trigger
How to associate different events into one group in Embedded Event Manager? correlate
How to specify router response if trigger is activated? action
What three ways can IP SLA information be accessed? CLI, SNMP, and Syslog
Name the 10 normal IP SLA operation types. UDP Jitter, ICMP Path Jitter, UDP Jitter for VoIP, UDP Echo, ICMP Echo, ICMP path Echo, HTTP, TCP Connect, FTP, DHCP
Name the 2 legacy IP SLA operation types. DLSW+ and Frame Relay
What is the most commonly used IP SLA operation type? UDP Jitter
This IP SLA operation type measures RT delay, OW delay, OW jitter, OW packet loss, and connectivity. UDP Jitter
This IP SLA operation type measures hop by hop jitter, packet loss, and delay. ICMP Path Jitter
This IP SLA operation type measures RT delay, OW delay, OW jitter, OW packet loss. UDP Jitter for VoIP
This IP SLA operation type simulates various codecs and does voice quality scoring. UDP Jitter for VoIP
This IP SLA operation type measures round trip delay for UDP traffic. UDP Echo
This IP SLA operation type measures round trip delay for the full path. ICMP Echo
This IP SLA operation type measures round trip delay and hop by hop round trip delay. ICMP Path Echo
This IP SLA operation type measures round trip time for web page traffic. HTTP
This IP SLA operation type measures the time to establish a session with a target. TCP Connect
This IP SLA operation type measures the round trip time for file transfers. FTP
This IP SLA operation type measures the round trip time for address acquisition. DHCP
This IP SLA operation type measures the peer tunnel response time. DLSW+
This IP SLA operation type measures circuit availability, RT delay, and the frame delivery ratio. Frame Relay
This IP SLA destination system runs on a Cisco router IP SLA Responder
What is the benefit of using an IP SLA Responder? Eliminates processing delays on the source and the target
What protocol is used for IP SLA Responder? IP SLA Control Protocol
IP SLA is a key ingredient in what Cisco feature? OER / PfR
How are IP SLA monitors modified? They can't be, must delete and recreate
How does an RARP client construct a broadcast frame requesting its own IP? ARP message with its own MAC as the target, destination IP address of
What restriction does a RARP server have in relation to client reachability? Must be on same subnet
If a RARP server finds the client's IP address, how does the server construct the reply frame? Puts client's IP address in the Source IP address field
Describe a BOOTP message It is encapsulated inside an IP and UDP header
How does a router change a clients DHCP request? It changes it from a broadcast to a unicast, lists it's own IP address in the gateway field
How does a router change a server's DHCP response? It changes to destination IP to a LAN broadcast
What DHCP feature must be inversely enabled or disabled with conflict logging? database agent
What two improvements did SNMPv2 make on SNMPv1? Removed requirement for communities, Added GetBulk and Inform Messages
What is the difference between SNMPv2 and SNMPv2c v2c allows SNMPv1 style communities
What improvement did SNMPv3 make? Better security with MD5 and SHA hashes, DES encryption
What protocol is used for SNMP transport? UDP 161 and 162
Which SNMP messages do not expect acknowledgment? Trap and Response
What are Inform SNMP messages used for? Allows two different SNMP managers to share MIB information about mutual agents
What is used to capture, calculate, monitor, and report information for SNMP? RMON MIB
What are the configuration steps for NetFlow? Configure NetFlow monitor, Apply it to an interface, Configure an exporter
What is Router IP Traffic Export (RITE) Exports packets to a VLAN or LAN interface for analysis, only for traffic received on multiple interfaces simultaneously
What is the name of the event-notification extension of SNMP? RMON
What are the two RMON classes? Alarms and Events
What two responses does a RMON alarm have? Log or send trap
What are the two types of user configurable thresholds for RMON numbered events? relative (delta) or absolute
What is required for Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)? AAA
What are Rotary Groups used for? Allow VTY access on ports other than default
What are the 5 values represented by the cron-entry command (from left to right)? minute, hour, day of month, month, day of week
When does the NAT inside-to-outside translation occur in the order of operations? After routing, before crypto
When does the NAT outside-to-inside translation occur in the order of operations? After web-cache, before policy routing
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