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6th ROTHMC 1-4 SMS

It seemed to me that showing up at school during the August-like October morning, which was made for running through the forest and wading barefoot in the pond, was ______________ enough. (p.4) CONCESSION (def: the act of giving in or making a sacrafice)
... I trudged along in moody silence, my brothers growing as __________________ quiet as I. (p.6) PENSIVELY (def: thoughtfully)
"Well," said T.J., _______________ swinging into step with Stacey... (p.8) JAUNTILY (Def: easy manner, lively and carefree)
T.J. smiled _________. (10) (when he overhead about the burning of the Berry's and knew something the children didn't) SMUGLY (Def: too pleased with ones own goodness; clever)
he was often____________________ by the childrenat his school (p.14) RIDICULE (Def: laughter, insult and making fun of)
"...two yellow busses, our own ________________, and another that brought students in a different direction" (p. 15) TORMENENTOR (Def: a person or thing that causes great pain)
"I resolved to make the best of my rather _____________________ position." - decided to make the best of it (p.21) DUBIOUS (Def: doubtful or uncertain)
"Suddently I grew conscious of a break in that _____________________ tone and I looked up."(p.22) I became aware of that something had change MONOTONOUS mon ot on ous (Def: continuing in the same tone without change)
Always, ___________ neat, Little Man never allowed dirt or stains to mar anything he owned. (p.3-4) METICULOUSLY (Def: extremely or excessively care
"Mother was ___________________ colored" (p.33) TAWNY (Def: brownish yellow/orange color)
The hand-made furniture, including an a bed with an ___________________ headboard" (pg.36) ORNATE (Def: elaborately ornamented) decorative
"he became more and more ___________________untilfinallyone day." (p.44) EMBITTERED (Def: having bitter feelings)
"sun was slinking _____________________ behind the clouds" (p.46) MEEK (Def: shy, quiet and obedient, making no protest)
Stacey & T.J. were fighting and... "Stacey ____________________ at T.J."(p.48) GLOWERED (Def: scowled, and stared angrily)
"No we can't tell nobody about what we did to the bus!" declared Stacey ___________________" (p.64) ADAMENTLY (Def: firm, unyielding, not giving in)
After taking the test questions, T.J. put his arm on Stacey's shoulder and ______________, "Friends gotta trust each other." (p.77) CHIDED (Def: scolded)
"Stacy remained _______________and had little to do with him." (p.77) ALOOF (Def: calm, uninvolved)
Cassie declared, "they didn't want to sell the land!" with an _____________________ nod. (pg.93) EMPHATIC (Def: using or showing emphasis and special importance)
"big Ma was not one for ______________________ any of us" (p.45) CODDLING (Def: to cherish and protect carefully)
working / farming a piese of land by a tenant who pays part of his/ her crop as rent to the owner. sharcropping
they are _____________ tonight. riding
execution / method of punishment by burning - murder burning
a machine to separate cotton from its seeds cotton gin
large bundle of cotton compressed and secured by wires, cords or ropes cotton bale
to execute or punish violently without a lawful trial (tarring & feathering, bruning, hanging) lynching
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