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neuro final study


Most important initial intervention for complete paralysis of Guilliane Barre PROM, positioning, splinting
Speech therapist working on feeding skills for pt. with ALS in late stages, most appropriate intervention implement pureed diet, allow adequate time to eat.
Pt. d/c from rehab, parkinsons, risk for aspiration during feeding. Proper positioning during meals seating pt. upright on firm surface with chin slightly tucked
Pt. with MS fear of falling in shower, episodes of imbalance, best recommendation demonstrate shower chair.
MS pt. frustrated b/c dirty house, experiencing exhaustion, best strategy alternate tasks sitting to standing.
Guiiliane Barre pt. / OT recommend AE when week before d/c
Best group activity for parkinsons Tai Chi
Parkinsons aquatic exercizes/ three abilities needed vestibular processing, postural control, muscle tone
GBS/ good UE strength, which activity best washing windows
Addressing motor needs parkinsons pt rhythmic exercise to music
Parkinsons c hx fatigue perform activities simplified to conserve energy
Stress management session for MS pt. self assessment
Ordering w/c for MS pt., anticipate further decline
Early stages of ALS outpt. Intervention work simplification and energy conservation
MS d/c , I bathtub transfers with grab bars, recommend moderately heated water
MS, decreased sensation of buttocks and BLE, educate self inspection for pressure sores
Parkinsons seen for routine self-care activities more easily performed if coordinated with time of meds.
ALS, mild dysphagia, fatigued during meals, 1st intervention eat 6 small meals a day.
ALS swims 3x week to max strength and endurance. Initial 10 min. now 20 min. next step increase to 25 min or tolerance
Improve strength activities, pt. with MS complains of fatigue, most appropriate give pt. rest break
Created by: mejasha