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neoro final study


Sensory eval c hemiplegia pt, 1st apply stimulus to uninvolved proximal to distally in random order
Pt. CVA difficulty using lft UE for reaching, according to neurodevelopmental approach, most effective method to teach normal muscle tone weight bearing through UE.
Pt. unable to complete multiple steps to brush teeth, gradually adding more steps is called chaining
Best evaluation of unilateral neglect line bisection
Lft arm lays limp pt. has flaccidity
Intervention for flaccid arm, impaired sensation, and marked pitted edema positioning, compression glove, edema massage, followed by PROM.
Pt. unilateral neglect, most effective tx. to increase attention to lft side bilateral activities
Pt. had recent Rt CVA, flaccidity Lft UE/ pitted edema noted, COTA first step continue PROM, then position elevated.
Assessing dressing skills for CVA pt unable to see buttons on printed fabric figure ground
Pt. hemiplegia toilet transfer training for spouse teach both sides
Pt. Rt. CVA mother, activities to imp LUE function and balance in sitting and standing, most appropriate folding laundry
Sensorimotor approach CNS dysfunction reducing abnormal changes through sensory stimuli
NDT basis for CVA relearning normal movement incorporating both sides
Neurodevelopmental tx. (Bobath, normalization of muscle tone can be accomplished using following techniques trunk rotation, proper positioning, incorporating UE into activities
Created by: mejasha