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neuro final exam


Unable to name or demonstrate use of common household items visual agnosia
Most effective way to teach person to normalize muscle movement weight bearing through UE
Best way to teach how to button shirt start from bottom
First positioning device for flaccid arm over w/c arm trough
Most effective sequence lft hemi, unilateral neglect shirt on lap, lft hand, rt. Hand, shirt over heard
CVA most likely for stabilization of potato cutting board with nails
CVA inpt. Rehab mina ADL, I BADL, return to work as cashier reccommended OT Outpt. OT
Best facilitation ADL for lft CVA, rt. Side hemi motor apraxia provide individual detailed step by step commands for each task
OT application for PNF diagonal patterns ADLs
Proprioceptive neuromotor facilitation believes in multisensory approach does not use vestibular
Sensorimotor tx. approach most appropriate CVA
According to Rood, tapping over muscle belly increase muscle tone
Icing, tapping, fast brushing will facilitate muscle reactions
Bobath NDT tx. emphasizes normal movement patterns
Bobath goal tx. to increase awareness of affected side during ADL or IADL teach pt. to perform bilaterally
Brunstrom first stage of motor recovery of hemiplegic arm flaccid
Pt. with CVA copy clock flat on Lft side Lft unilateral neglect
Laughing and crying throughout tx session emotional lability
Pt. emerged from coma, best guide to severity of diffuse damage Ranchos Los Amigos Scale
Person goes through routine robotic, still requires structure and supervision to ensure safety RLA-VII
Reacting inconsistently and nonpurposefully to stimuli, responses delayed simplify vocab, slow rate of speech
RLA level VII most appropriate intervention card games
RLA level VII no decreased sensation below spinal level
Anterior Cord Syndrome paralysis, loss of pain/temp/ and sensation
Autonomic dysreflexia problem in people who have sustained cervical and high thoracic lesions
Pounding headache, anxiety, perspiration, flushing, chills, goosebumps, HTN autonomic disreflexia
w/c positioning begins at pt.’s pelvis
first step sit up
lowest SCI level needing respirator C3
wrist extension tenodesis, knobs on w/c C6
spinal shock does not include neurovascular shutdown
no fitting for manual w/c C4
portable respiratory for C4 no
d/c to private residence yes
tenodesis C6
power w/c more convenient C5
Created by: mejasha
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