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Busn 201 - Chap 13

Information Systems and Communication Tech

________ are raw facts and ________ is the useful interpretation of those raw facts. Data, Information
Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer are? Browsers
Which would NOT be considered data? Income Statements and balance sheets.
A(n) ________ is a tool that searches for Web pages that contain a given word or phrase. Search Engine.
Transaction processing systems are applications of information processing for basic day-to-day business transactions. Examples of routine business processes include? A. customer order-taking by online retailers B. payroll processing and bill payment at almost every company D. receiving and confirming reservations by airlines E. approval of claims at insurance companies
A(n) ________ is software and hardware that prevent outsiders from accessing a company's internal network. Firewall.
Computer analysis and graphics programs that are used to create new products are known as: Computer aided design.
Robotics is a special category of Artificial Intelligence
Which are the components of a computer system? Control, hardware, data, people.
What are forms of imput? Voice, scanners, tapes, keyboards.
What is a management information system? Systems that support and org's managers by providing reports, schedules, plans and budgets.
What is the difference between intranet and extranet? Intranet - Accessible only to employees only through firewalls. Extranet - Allows outsiders limited access to the firms internal information system.
What are threats and risks in IT? Hackers, software piracy, identity theft, intellectual property theft, viruses, spyware and spam.
What are the IT protection measures? Firewalls, anti-virus, encryption software, avoiding spam and spyware.
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