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Para, Viro

Parasitology, Virology, and Mycology

a urease pos yeast is found and  cryptoccus neoformans is suspected. which of the following media is most useful for culturing? a. cornmeal agar with Tween 80 b. Bird seed agar c. potato dextrose agar d. mycosel agar b. bird seed agar
which of the following types of candida albicans infection is commonly acquired from an exogenous source? a. diaper rash b. neonatal thrush c. perianal infection d. urinary tractinfection. b. neonatal thrush
the most useful finding for prompt presumptive id of C. albicans is itsa. failure to assimilate sucroseb. feathering on EMBc. production of chlamydoconidiad. production of germ tubes
host conditions that are assoc with an inc incidence of Candida albicans infections include all of the following except: a. diabetes b. childhood viral infections c. prolonged antibiotic usage d. pregnancy b. childhood viral infections
which of the following is likely to be found in clinical specimens as normal microflora and as clinically significant isolates? a. aspergillus niger b. scopulariopsis c. penicillium notatum d. Candida albicans d. candida albicans
a 4yo child's hair is falling out in patches. the hair fluoresces when subjected to uv light from a wood's lamp. when the hair is cultured a white cottony mold grows at 25C on SDA. Microscopically rare condidia septate hyphae
in tissues infected with histoplasma capsulatum: a. the hyphae usually invade blood vessels b. encapsulated yeast cells are typical c. tuberculate macroconidia are typical d. fungus is usually intracellular d. fungus is usually intracellular
the incidence of blastomycosis is most frequently found in: a. lower sonoran life zone b. Mississippi and ohio river basins c. pigeon roosts d. bat roosts b. mississippi and ohio river basins
a yeast like fungus that grows on cornmeal agar with tween 80 and produces true hyphae and arthrospores only is: a. candida albicans b. geotrichum c. trichosporon d. aspergillus fumigatus b. geotrichum
the highly fatal arenavirus first described and predominantly occurring in Africa is a. congo-crimean hemorrhagic fever b. lassa fever c. marburg-ebola hemorrhagic fever d. yellow fever
negri bodies may be found in brain tissue of humans or animals infected with:a. arenavirusb.filovirusc. measles virusd. rabies virus d. rabies
the virus genus associated with warts isa. bunya virusb. flavivirusc. morbilivirusd. papillomavirus d. papillomavirus
the togavirus known to produce fetal defects is:a. influenzab. rotavirusc. rubellad. varicella c. rubella
intranuclear inclusions were found in epithelial cells from the urine of an infant who was admitted with symptoms of low birthweight jaundice
an example of a latent viral infection occurringin humans isa. influenzab. rotavirusc. rubellad. varicella zoster d. varicella zoster
the use of cell antigenic drift for the influenza viruses means:a. minor mutations over a 1-3 yr periodb. new antigens formedc. mixing of viral genomesd. no changes have occurred a. minor mutations over a 1-3yr period
opportunistic diseases that are closely assoc wiht the AIDS include all of the following except:a. cryptococcisb. cryptosporidiosisc. malariad. mycobacteriosis c. malaria
which of the following is a progressive neurologic disorder assoc with the class of infectious agents termed prionsa. creutzfeld-jakob diseaseb. dengue feverc. hep Cd. shingles a. creutzfeld-jakob disease
the genome of a virus may consist ofa. amino acidsb. cytoplasmc. DNA or RNAd. mitochondria c. DNA or RNA
viruses have been successfully detected by the use of all the following techniques except:a. cytopathic effectb. enzyme linked immunoassayc. growth on selective agar mediad. immunofluorescence c. growth on selective agar media
herpes simplex virus is assoc with all the following conditions except:a. cold soresb. encephalitisc. genital herpesd. thrush d. thrush
enterobius vermicularis infection is usually diagnosed by findinga. eggs in the perianal specimensb. larvae in fecesc. larvae in perianal specimensd.eggs in feces a. eggs in the perianal specimens
because of fecal contamination a urine specimen may contain the flagellate:a. balantidium colib. entamoeba colic. trichomonas hominisd. trichomonas tenax
eggs or larvae recovered in the stool are routinely used to diagnose infections caused by all the following helmithes excepta. trichinella spiralisb. necator americanusc. strongyloides stercoralisd. ascaris lumbricoides a. trichinella spiralis
which of the following are parthenogenic(no males):a. strongyloides stercoralisb. A. lumbricoidesc. necatur americanusd. ancylostoma duodenale a. strongyloides stercoralis
which of the following is the most important feature in differentiating cysts of entamoeba histolytica from E. dispar?a. number of nucleib. size of the cystc. shape of the karyosomed. cysts cannot be morphologically differentiated d. cysts can't be morphologically differentiated
which of the following findings in a peripheral blood smear is especially assoc with tissue invading helminths but may also be found in a variety of allergic conditions and other diseases?a. eosinophiliab. leukopeniac. neutropeniad. lymphocytosis a. eosinophilia
Babesia sp. is an organism that has been recovered in a number of human infections worldwide. in an exam of stained blood films these organisms are likely to resemblea. leishmania donnovanib. plasmodium falciparumc. toxoplasma gondiid. trypanosoma cruzi
pneumocystis carinii id detected by obtaining specimens from thea. lungb. liverc. braind. kidney a. lung
diagnosis of pediculosis(louse infection) depends upon detection ofa. eggs attached to hair or clothingb. larvae in domestic surroundingsc. tunnel of insects in skind. specific abs in pt serum a. eggs attached to hair or clothing
a pt with history of human immunodeficiency virus infection presents with a 5 day history of diarrhea and weight loss. a series of stool specimens is collected and examined for the presence of ova and parasites. an acid fast stain on direct smear reveals b. cryptosporidium sp
a 65yo female presents to her physician complaining of a fever that comes and goes and fatigue. a CBC reveals dec rbc ct and hgb. history reveals the pt recently traveled through Europe and Africa. you should suspect:a. filariasisb. cutaneous larval migra d. malaria
a 15um pear-shaped flagellate with a visible parabasal body and falling leaf motility in a direct saline mount of a diarrheal stool specimen is most probably:a. chilomastix mesnilib. enteromonas hominisc. giardia lambliad. trichomonas hominis c. giardia lamblia
which of the following helminths produces an elongate barrel shaped egg with a colorless polar plug at each end?a. ascaris lumbricoidesb. trichurus trichiurac. hymenolepsis nanad. necatur americanus
which species of plasmodium may readily be identified when crescent shaped gametocytes are found in stained blood ilms?a. p.vivaxb. p. falciparumc. p. malariaed. p.ovale b. p. falciparum
a microscopic exam of urine sediment reveals a large oval egg with a large lateral spine. the organism is most likely:a. schistosoma japonicumb. schistosoma mansonic. schistosoma hematobiumd. fasciola hepatica
a free living amoeba that causes primary amoebic meningoencephalitis isa. Naegleria fowlerib. entaoeba gingivalisc. entamoeba histolyticad. entamoeba poleckia. a. n. fowleri
decontamination of drinking water fruits
a sheathed filaria that is transmitted by the chrysops (deer) fly and commonly infects the conjuctival lining of eye of humans in africa has a morphology of containing a sheath with continuous nuclei in the tail is most likely:a. W. bancroftib. loa loac. b. loaloa
which of the following nematode (round worm) parasites is acquired from eating inadequately cooked infected pork?a. strogyloides stercoralisb. taenia soliumc. taenia saginatad. trichinella spiralis d. trichinells spiralis
which of the following pairs of helminths cannont reliably differentiated by the appearance of their eggs?a. Ascaris lumbricoides and N. americanusb. hymenolepsis nana and h. diminutac. necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenaled. diphyllobothrium latum c. necator americanus and ancylostoma duodenale
chaga's disease is caused bya. trypansoma brucei rhodesienseb. trypanosoma cruzic. leishmania braziliensisd. mansonella perstans b. trypansoma cruzi
the preferred specimen for investigation of intestinal parasites isa. first stool of dayb. 3 specimens collected over several daysc. a specimen a day for 10 daysd. a specimen a day for 3 days b. 3 specimens collected over several days
Name the microbe:found worldwide in warm climates with poor sanitation. in US mostly in warm moist climates of south but can be isolated in well waterembryonated eggs are ingested by humans and develop completely in the intestinal tractclassified as a nematodemebendazole is used to treat this infectiona. enterobius vermicularisb. trichuris trichurac. toxoplasma gondii
name the microbed:found predominantly in south americatransmitted by reduviid bugcauses chagas diseaselesion formation conjunctivitis
name the microbehumans infected by contaminated water food
name the microbefound worldwide mainly in temperate climatesmost common helminth infection in USentire life cycle may occur in or on human through oral anal routeclassified as intestinal nematode knownfor the sharp pointed posterioruninfected family membe enterobius vermicularis
name the microbemerozoite forms in red cells display applique forms double dot forms and multiple organisms in one cellgametocytes take 7-10days to develop and take on crescent or banana-like shapesGiemsa-stained ring forms; rings with double dots
name that microbecauses toxoplasmosiscan lead to chronic condition affecting heart and liversymptoms in healthy indiv. resemble infectious mono fatigue
name that microbemotile undulating membrane
name that microbehuman ingest cysts from water food contaminated with human waste
name that microbefree living amebaecauses amoebic meningoencephalitisfound in lakes ponds
name that microbedisease rare in US mainly in S. america and africahemoflagellatecauses sleeping sicknesstransmission by bite of tsetse flyaffect lymphatic system and CNSfinal stage is comaa. trypansoma bruceib. trypansoma cruzic. loaloa
name that fungusvelvety khaki yellow with tan reverse on SABHInumerous clubshaped smooth thin walled macroconidia no microconidiahyphae may be racket or spiralassoc with athlete's foot and jock itch
name that fungusvelvety tan with salmon reverse on SABHIrare irregularly shaped macroconidia wiht thick walls and 2-9 cells. rare club shaped microconidia singly along hyphaecommon cause of tinea corporis and tinea capitis microsporum (maybe trichophyton)
which of the following statements is not true when culturing fungia. a larger volume of growth media is required for fungus vs. bacteriab. longer incubation times >48hr may be requiredc. antibiotics may be used to inhibit bacterial growthd. cultures must a. a larger volume of growth media is required for fungus vs. bacteria
name that fungusgrowth on birdseed agar caffeic acid agar
name that fungusgrows well on SABHI at RT producing a velvety white colony becoming blue green in the center white edge and colorless reverseseptate mycelium with flsk-shaped phialides producing chans of phialoconidiapaint brush formationlinked to keratomycosis
name that virusss RNA icosahedral capsid
name that virustransmitted by close contact transfusion
name that viruslargest most complex human virusbrick shapedtransmitted by resp. dropletspustules
what disease does flavivirus cause and is it DNA or RNA? yellow feverRNA
what disease does Hanta virus cause and is ti DNA or RNA RNAhemorrhagic fever
are hep A and C RNA or DNA viruses? RNA
is influenzavirus a DNA or RNA virus? RNA
morbilivirus causes what disease and is it RNA or DNA? measlesRNA
is the mumps and parainfluenza virus DNA or RNA viruses? RNA
is the polio and RSV viruses DNA or RNA viruses? RNA
what virus causes rabies and is it DNA or RNA? rhabdovirusRNA
what does the rhinovirus cause and is it a DNA or RNA virus? common coldRNA
what does the rotavirus cause and is it a DNA or RNA virus? childhood diarrheaRNA
is the rubella virus and retroviruses DNA or RNA? RNA
what does the adenovirus cause and is it DNA or RNA? respiratory infectionDNA
Are herpes viruses DNA or RNA viruses? DNA
is the hep B virus a DNA or RNA virus? DNA
is HPV and pox viruses RNA or DNA viruses? DNA
what 3 parasites can be seen in sputum? paragonimus westermaniascaris lumbricoidesstrongyloides stercoralis
what disease does wuchereria bancrofti cause and what is its diagnostic tail characteristics? elephantitissheathno nuclei in tail
what disease does bruglia malayi cause and what is its diagnostic tail characteristics? elephantitissheath2 nuclei in tip of tail
what disease does loaloa cause and what is its diagnostic tail characteristics? calabar swellings
what disease does onchocerca volvulus casue and what is its diagnostic tail characteristics? blindnessno sheath and no nuclei in tail
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