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Rabbit Q's 1

beginner test

Q. What is a male rabbit called? A. Buck
. What is a female rabbit called? A. Doe
Q. What makes up a trio of rabbits? A. A buck and two does.
Q. What is a rabbit cage called? A. Hutch
Q. A domestic rabbit can be bred with a wild cottontail rabbit. True or False? A. False - They are different species
Q. A domestic rabbit can be bred with a wild European rabbit. True or False? True - Domestic rabbits are descended from wild European rabbits.
Q. What mammal order are rabbits classified as? A. Lagomorphs
Sores on the bottoms of the feet sore Hocks
What rabbits are raised for their wool? Angora
What is the treatment for Mange (fur mites)? Sevin dust, cat flea powder or Ivermectin.
Good ventilation is important for disease control. True or False? True
How many times a day should you water your rabbit? At least twice a day.
How can you keep rabbits cool in the summer? Frozen water bottle in cage, sprinkle water on hutch roof, keep hutches in shade, fans.
How can Hutch Stain be removed? Dab with lemon juice or use a mixture of cornstarch & water.
Sun can fade a rabbit's fur. True or False? True
How do you groom a normal furred rabbit? Brush off loose fur, moisten hands and rub them over the fur. Trim nails.
When is the best time to feed your rabbit? At the same time every evening.
Is heat or cold easier for a rabbit to tolerate? cold
Q. How many teeth does a rabbit have? 28 plus 4 molars so 32 total
Name two ways to control disease in the rabbitry. Keep hutches, food & water containers clean, do not lend rabbits, quarantine new rabbits, provide fresh food and clean water, bury or burn dead rabbits, good ventilation
Name a cause of Sore Hocks. Thin fur on foot pad, wet & dirty cage, rough wire, nervous rabbit, long toenails, inherited.
Q. What is the initial treatment for diarrhea? A. Remove pellets, feed hay and rolled oats.
An extra claw on the inside of the front leg. Dewclaw
How do you treat Coccidiosis? Sulfa Medication
This disease of often caused by Pasteurella or parasitic infections and causes the head to twist to the side Wry Neck (tilt head)
Large fold of skin at the throat. Dewlap
Rabbit hutches should be placed in full sun. True or False? False
Name a giant breed. Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, Giant Angora
What is the biggest change in rabbits since they have been domesticated? Increase in size and weight.
Who originally is believed to have introduced domesticated rabbits to England? The Romans
Rabbits are considered serious pests in Australia and New Zealand. True or False? True (They destroy vegetation)
Rabbits are classified as rodents. True or False? False (Lagomorphs)
What is a pedigree? A record of a rabbit's date of birth and 3 generations of ancestors
Name a breed best suited for meat & fur production. New Zealand, Californian, Palomino, Champagne d'Argent, Rex, Satin, etc
Name a "fancy" breed. Dutch, Polish, Tan, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Britinnia Petite, etc.
Where did Angora rabbits originate from? Asia
Iceburg lettuce is a good treat for rabbits. True or False? False (No nutritional value and can cause diarrhea.)
Stain on the coat as a result of urine, manure or rust from the cage. Hutch Stain
Where are rabbits believed to have originally come from? Spain
Rabbits should never be put in drafty areas. True or False? True
Shedding or changing of fur. Molt (Moult)
What is the treatment for Ear Canker (ear mites)? Mineral or vegetable oil or ear mite medication.
What is the best way to prevent Coccidiosis? Keep cages & feed dishes clean.
A rabbit's teeth grow 1/2 inch or more per month. True or False? True
Scabs and crusting in the ears Ear Canker (ear mites)
What is the most important nutrient you can give your rabbit? Water
How often should hutches be cleaned? At least once a week
What methods can be used to control flies around cages? Frequent cleaning, lime under cages, fly poison, fly tapes.
Rabbits should be picked up by their ears. True or False? False (One hand under the midsection the other hand supporting the hind end.)
How should you disinfect rabbit cages & equipment? Wash with Clorox bleach and dry in the sun.
What do "BOB" and "BOS" stand for? Best Of Breed" and "Best Opposite Sex
Symptoms of this disease are hair loss and flaking skin. Mange (fur mites)
A disease causing bad condition, pot belly and loose droppings. Is spread in the droppings of rabbits. Coccidiosis
Teeth not properly aligned. Malocclusion
Is a salt spool necessary No (Commercial rabbit pellets contain adequate sodium)
What is the most common feeding problem? Over feeding
. What food provides the most balanced diet for a rabbit? Commercial rabbit pellets
Name 3 parts of a rabbit besides eye, ear, nose, mouth, foot or tail. cheek, dewlap, chest, toe, rib, belly, flank, hock, leg, shoulder, hindquarter, forequarter, rump, hip, loin.
The ears, tail, nose, front feet, rear feet, and leg makings in Californian, Himalayan, or Pointed Whites: are known as? Points
4.The sudden change of a physical characteristic, caused by an alteration of the organization of a gene is a: Mutation
A term for a condition where the rabbit cannot hold the front or back legs under the body: Spraddled Legged
Ears that have large, heavy tips with a distinctive fall or lap are called Bell ears
This breed is shown in individual varieties, with a Best and Best Opposite Sex of Group also being selected. Maximum senior weight is 2 1/2 pounds: Netherland Dwarf
The pleasing arrangement of physical characteristics to make a harmonious appearance is _____: balance
An official ARBA document indicating that a rabbit is of good quality and meets the standard for its breed. Registration
You must be an ARBA member to exhibit your rabbit at a National ARBA Convention. True or False True
What is the body type of the American Sable: Commercial
The off colored stray hairs in a colored pattern, giving the appearance of being powdered or sprinkled with meal: Mealy
This four class breed of rabbit is shown under two classifications, solid and broken, having lopped ears and wool: American Fuzzy Lop
Proper ventilation is important for disease control. True Or False True
The surface or intermediate color band of some varieties of rabbits being off-white in color is called: Pearl
Breeding rabbits that are descended from a common ancestor. Line-breeding
Giving the impression of being large, bulky, heavy,and ponderous is considered: Massive
This six class breed of rabbit has two varieties, blue and white, and has a mandolin body type: American
A coat lacking the ability to return to its natural position when stroked towards the head: Open Coat
What is the body type of the Tan Full-Arched
Genes that hide the expression of the other genes. Dominant
How many rabbits are in a meat pen? 3
A rabbit having a slim, trim alert, and hare like appearance with long and slendor body and limbs is considered: Racy
The colored spine or dorsal stripe on the English Spot is called the: Herring Bone
A written certificate issued by the owner of a stud buck, showing its pedigree and the date of breeding to a particular doe is the Breeding Certificate
This four-class breed has six varieties being: black, blue, chocolate, gold, gray, lilac, and tortoise, having full arched type. It's markings include a butterfly, eye circles, cheek spots, ear markings, spine marking, side marking or chains. English Spot
A toenail showing some pigmentation but not full color is considered a: Light toenail
The ARBA Standard of Perfection is subject to revision every: 5 years
1.Wool appearing along the side of the head and face on some wooled breeds is called: Side Trimmings
What is the body type of the Beveren: Semi-Arched
A localized area of inflammation associated with an infection under the skin, in a gland, or in a hair follicle is a/an: Abscess
This breed has a coat which should remain upright when stroked slowly from rump toward head, being as near perpendicular as possible: Silver Fox
A very contageous disease that kills rapidly. Symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, depression, seizures and bloody nasal discharge. VHD (Viral Hemmorrhagic Disease)
In Commercial Normal Fur Classes, the classifications for judging shall be: Colored and White
A defect, deformity, or blemich making the rabbit non-showable. Disqualification
The placement of the crown too far forward or too far back on the head of some lop breeds, causing the ear carriage to be misplaced is called: Slipped
A distended condition of the abdominal cavity usually found in young rabbits: Pot Belly
What class does 6-class have that 4-class doesn't? Intermediate (6-8 months)
A venereal disease, which affects both sexes vent disease
An elongated narrow head, usually terminating in a pinched muzzle is considered: Snipey
This breed has an ideal weight less than 3 pounds and recognizes black, blue, broken, chocolate, blue-eyed white and ruby eyed white varieties: polish
A bright natural luster attributed to the unique structure of the guard hair shaft, having a glass like transparent hair shell with the ability to reflect light on the Satin rabbit: Sheen
Animals, which show the same coloration over the body, head, ears, tail, and feet but may have lighter coloration on eye circles, inside of ears, underside of tail, jowls, and belly area are from the Wide Band Group
Mating of rabbits of different breeds. Cross-breeding
This four class breed of rabbit is of medium length, has a rollback fur, having one standard variety being rich sepia brown, with a saddle color shading off to a paler shade of brown on the flanks, underside of tail and belly. American Sable
3.An extremely lightly marked animal in marked breeds or broken groups, usually devoid of back and side markings: Charlie
The strong basal ridge of cartilage at the top of the head forming the ear base on some lop eared breeds is the: Crown
When do a kit's eyes open? 12-14 days
Fur having the appearance of a silvery gloss or luster caused by an abundance of silver-white or silver tipped guard hairs, evenly distributed throughout the fur is called: Silvering
The color of the immediate portion of a hair shaft in Agouti Patterned animals called: Ring Color
Created by: Rabbitstudy101