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Microsoft Word Vocab

Microsoft Word Vocabulary

Word Processor A program that helps people enter and manage text.
Save makes a copy, on a disk or the hard drive, of a document that is in main memory
Open retrieves a document that has been saved on a disk or the hard disk drive
Edit to make changes to the content of a document
Format to specify how text will appear in a document
Print to copy a document to pages of paper using a printer (hard copy)
Clipboard place in a computer’s memory where text has been cut out of or copied from a document that is stored
Word Wrap a feature in a word processor program that automatically moves the word that you are typing to the beginning of a new line if it will extend past the end of the current line
Cut to remove a section of text from a document and place it on the clipboard
Copy to make an exact copy of a section of text in a document on the clipboard. (Text is not removed from the document.)
Paste to copy text from the clipboard to a specified position in a document.
Justify to align text with the left-hand, right-hand, or both margins of a page
Left Justified text is aligned with the left-hand margin
Right Justified text is aligned with the right-hand margin
Full Justified text is aligned with both margins
Center to place text on a page the same distance from the left-hand and right-hand margins. (Horizontal)
Indent (tab key) to space a line or paragraph a certain number of spaces from the left-hand or right-hand margins.
Double Space to insert a blank line between each line of text in a document or a section of a document
Font the combination of typeface, size, and style of text
Typeface the kind of letters used to print a document
Point unit used to measure the size of text characters. A point is about 1/72 of an inch.
Style usually refers to one of three styles to print text: boldface, underlined, or italic.
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