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Divergent Channels

TCM Board Prep

lu diverges from the primary channel at the axilla, passes to heart cha in chest, connects w lu and disperses in LI, a branch ascends from LU, emerges at supraclavicular fossa, ascends to the throat and converges with the LI channel
LI separates from primary channel on the hand, ascends to LI 15, travels medially to SC, crosses to superclavicular fossa, descends to thorax, breast, LU, and LI, a braanch ascends from sc fossa along throat and unites w LI primary channel
ST branches from primary channel in middle of thigh, ascends and enters the abd, ST, disperses in SP, ascends to penetrate HT, ascends along esophagus, emerges at mouth, nose, eye, unites w pc
Sp branches from pc in the middle of the anterior thigh, follows the ST divergent cha to the throat, penetrates the tongue
HT separates from pc at axillary fossa, enters the chest and connects with the HT, ascends along throat and emerges on the face, connecting w the SI cha at innercanthus
SI separates from pc at shoulder, enters axilla, crosses the ST and descends to the abd where it connects w the SI
BL diverges from the pc in the pop fossa and ascends to a point 5c superior to the sacrum, winds around the anus, connecting w the BL and dispersing int he kid, ascends along the spine and disperses in the cardiac region, emerges at the neck to rejoin BL
KID separates from kid pc in pop fossa, intersects the BL divergent cha on the thigh, ascends to Kid, crosses dai at L2, ascends to the root of the tongue, emerges at nape, converges w pc
P separates from pc on arm, at the level of a pt below the axilla nd 3c inferior to GB 22, enters the chest, communicates w 3 Jiao, a branch ascends across the throat and emerges behind the ear to converge w SJ cha
SJ separates from pc on the head and branches to the vertex, descends into the sc fossa and across the 3 jiao, dispersing int he chest
GB diverges from pc on thigh, enters pubic hairline, converges w div cha of LIv, enters the flank between lower ribs, connects w GB spreads upwards through liv, across the HT and esophagus, lower jaw, disperses in the face, connects w the eyes and rejoins pc
LIV separates from the pc on the dorsum of the foot, ascends to the pubic region where it converges w the GB pc
Created by: jenorton1