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Channel Manifestatio

TCM Board Prep

LU cough, asthma, stuffy nose, bloody nose, hemmoptysis, congested and sore throat, sensation of fullness in the chest
LI diarrhea, dysentery, epistaxis, watery nasal discharge, TA, congested and sore throat, borborygmus, abd pain
ST bororygmus, abd distention, edema, epigastric pain, vomiting, feeling of hunger, epistaxis, deviation of the mouth and eyes, congestd and sore throat, fever, mental disrutbances
sp abd distention, epigastric pain, vomiting, belching, loose stools, fatigue, jaundice, stiffness and pain at the root of the tongue
ht palp, cardialgia, hypochondriac pain, thirst, insomnia, night sweats, dry throat,
si freq urination, distention and pain in lower abd, sore throat, swollen cheek, deafness, yellow sclera in the eye
bl enuresis, retention of urine, occipital HA, mental disturbance, rhinnitis, epistaxis, nasal obstruction, lacrimation when exposed to the wind
kid freq urination, impotence, enuresis, irregular menses, asthma, hemoptysis, dry tongue, edema, congested and sore throat
p palp, cardialgia, mental restlessness, flushed face, mental disturbance
sj edema, enuresis, abd distention, dysuria, tinnitus, congested and sore throat
gb blurry vision, bitter taste in the mouth
liv vertex HA, hernia, dry throat, enuresis, dysuria, mental disturbances
lu pathway pain in supraclavicular fossa, shoulder, back and anterior border of medial aspect of the arm
li pathway pain in neck, anterior part of the shoulders and the anterior border of the extensors of the upper limbs
st pathway chest pain, pain in the abd and lateral aspect of the lower limbs
sp pathway swelling and a feeling of cold in the area medial to the knee
ht pathway pain in the medial aspect of the upper arm, and a heat sensation in the palms
si pathway pain along the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder and arm
bl pathway pain in the nape of the neck, upper and lower part of the back, buttocks, and the posterior aspect of the lower limbs
kid pain along the spinal column, LBP, medial aspect of the thighs, weakness in the lower limbs, especially in the knees and a hot sensation in the soles of the feet
p pathway stifling feeling in the chest, swelling feeling in the axilla, spasms in the upper limbs, sensation of heat in the palms
sj pathway swelling in the cheek, pain in the retroauricular area, shoulder and the lateral aspect of the arm and elbow
gb pathway pain in the outer canthus, jaw, supraclavicular fossa, axilla, along the lateral aspect of the chest, hypochondriac region, thigh and lower limbs
liv pathway pain in the low back, fullness in the chest, pain in he lower abd region
ren leukorrhea, irregular menses, infertility men & women, hernia, nocturnal emissions, enuresis, retention of urine, pain in the epigastric region and lower abd, pain in the genitalia region
du stiffness andpain in the spinal column, opisthotonus, HA, epilepsy
chong spasm and pain in the abd, irregular menses, infertility in both men & women, asthmatic breathing
dai distention and fullness in the abd, weakness of the lumbar region, leukorrhea, prolapse of the uterus and muscular atrophy, weakness and motor impaiment of the lower limb
yang qiao epilepsy, insomnia, redness and pain in the inner canthus, pain in the back and lumbar region, eversion of the foot, spasm of the lower limbs
yin wei interior syndromes such as chest pain, cardiac pain, stomachache
yang wei exterior syndromes such as chills and fever
Created by: jenorton1