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Confluent Pointsm

TCM Board Prep

ren LU 7
dU SI 3
chong SP 4
dai GB 41
yin qiao KID 6
yang qiao BL 62
yin wei P 6
yang wei SJ 5
how are the confluent points used? 1. to activate their respective channel 2. according to the "ode of the obstructed river"
what do we use LU 7 for in this manner? retention of lochia and dead fetus, pain of the genitals and urinary disorders
what do we use KID 6 for in this manner? chronic throat disoreders, a variety of eye disorders, day time epilepsy, tightness and contraction of the inner aspect of the leg
what do we use P 6 for in this manner? chest pain, fullness and pain of the lateral costal region, pain of the heart and chest
what do we use SP 4 for in this manner? abdominal urgency, edema of the face,
what do we use SI 3 for in this manner? occipital HA, stiffness and pain of the neck, scapula and upper or lumbar spine, epilepsy
what do we use BL 62 for in this manner? attack of exterior wind with stiff neck and HA, for interior wind which rushes upwards to the head and brain giving rise to such symptoms as lockjaw, opisthotonos, upward staring eyes, deciation fo themouth and eyes, windstroke, hemiplegia, epilepsy.
what do we use SJ 5 for in this manner? temporal, frontal, occipital and vertex HA
what do we use GB 42 for in this manner? distention and pain of the breast, breast abcess, menstrual disorders and inhibited menstruation, andis particularly useful in situations where LQS impairs the smoothness and regularity of the menstrual cycle.
Created by: jenorton1