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Luo Connecting Chann

TCM Board Prep

how many luo connecting points are there? 15
what are the 3 extra points not on main meredians? ren 15- ren du 1- du sp 21- the great luo of sp
LU 7
LI 6
ST 40
SP 4
HT 5
SI 7
BL 58
P 6
SJ 5
GB 37
what is the function of the luo connecting point? treating disorders of their interiorly-exteriorly related channel or zangfu treating disorders in regions reached by the luo connecting channel treating psycho-emotional disorders
what is the host-guest combination? the yuan source + the luo connecting
which point on which meridian? the yuan source point on the first or primarily affected channel is combined with the luo connecting point of it's interiorly-exteriorly coupled meridian.
what is LI4 and LU 7 a good combination for? exterior pathogenic wind invading the exterior of the body
what is LU 9 and LI6 a good combination for? to open and regulate the water passages and is indicated when pathogenic wind disrupts the function of the lung resulting in acute edema, especially in the upper part of the body, accompanied by an absence of sweat and diff urination
what is SP 3 and ST 40 a good combination for? def of the SP is the root cause of the formation of excessive phlegm Sp 3 is important point to tonify SP, while st is the primary point for phlegm in the body
what is HT 7 and SI 7 a good combination for? calm the shen and treat phycho-emotional disorders
what is KID 3 and BL 58 a good combination for? KID 3 benefit kid yin, while BL 58 lowers excess yang
what is LIV 3 and GB 37 a good combination for? LYR & LIV fire flaring all give rise to eye disorders. LIV 3 to regulate liv zanf, and GB 37 is good for the eyes
Created by: jenorton1