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ch-4 electricity

electricity is a form of energy that produces light,heat,magnetic and checmical changes
electric current is the movement of electricity along a path called a conductor
load is the technical name for any electrically powered appliance
conductor is a material that allows electricity to flow through it easily
insulator is a material that does not allow the flow of electric
amp is a unit of electric strength
ohm is a unit of electric resistance
watt is a measure of how much electrical energy is being used
electrotherapy is the application of electrical current during treatments to the skin
one ampere equals 1,000 milliamperes
volt is a unit of electric pressure
one kilowatt equals 1,000 watts
direct current dc in which electrons move at an even rate and flow in only one direction
alternating current ac in which electrons flow first in one direction and then in the other
converter changes direct current to alternating current
rectifier changes alternating current to direct current
circuit a flow of electrons along a path called an conductor
open circuit when you turn the switch off, the circuit breaks and is now an open circuit
overload passage of more current than an electrical line can carry which can cause an overload
short circuit occurs when a foreign conductor comes in contact with a wire carrying current to the load
fuse device that contains a fine metal wire that allows current to flow
circuit breaker reusable device that breaks the flow of current when an over load occurs
grounding wire another safety device is called a three-wire system any appliance requiring this protection has a three-prong plug
shock human contact with an electric current causes a shock
local shock passes through a small part of the body, causing burns and muscle contractions
general shock passes through the nervous system
electrotherapy is the application of special currents (or modalities) that have certain effects on the skin
galvanic current has a chemical effects that are caused by passing the current through particular acid or alkaline solutions and or by passing the current through body tissues and fluids
phoresis the process of forcing an acid (+) or alkali (-) into the skin by applying current to the chemical is sometimes referred to as "bleaching the skin" phoresis
anaphorsis the negative pole of galvanic current is believed to have the following temporary effects on the area of the body to which it is applied
cataphoresis the positive pole of galvanic current is believed to have temporary effects opposite of those produced by the negative pole
galvanic current electrotherapy the active electrode is connected to either the positive or negative pole depending on the therapeautic reaction desired
iontophoresis introduces water-soluble treatment products into the skin
alert do not use the galvanic current over an area that has many broken capillaries
faradic current is an alternating current(ac) interrupted to produce a mechanical nonchemical reaction stimulates nerves and muscles
sinusoidal current is an alternating current (ac)with a mechanical effect much like the faradic current that produces muscle contractions
alert sinusoidal current electrotherapy should not be used on unhealthy and/or broken skin
tesla current high frequency current known as the "violet-ray" is an alternating current
light therapy is the production of beneficial effects on the body through treatments using light rays or waves
visible light the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum humans can see is called visible light. this range of wavelenghts produces visible color
white light is referred to as combination light. this visible light can be broken into its individual wavelengths by a prism. a prism is a three sided glass object
wavelengths that produce red are the longest waves of the visible spectrum
fluorescent light is an economical and long-lasting light source.fluorescent light can create "blue" tones or cool casts in the objects it lights
invisible light eighty percent of sunlight is composed of invisible rays beyond red,which are called infrared
incandescent incandescent light creates the closest substitute for natural sunlight
infrared light infrared rays produce pure heat rays, any infrared light produces heat
ultraviolet light ultraviolet rays also known as actinic rays have a shorter wavelength and can be more damaging than infrared rays. uv rays both produce both positive and negative effects on the skin
UV-ALERT when using ultraviolet rays you and your client should wear protective eyewear
Created by: arlenebermudez
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