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5 shu points

TCM Board Prep

what is the function of the jing well point? mental illness chest stifling fullness under heart to expel pathogenic factors
what is the function of the ying spring point? febrile conditions complexion change hot sensations clears heat fire on yin, water on yang
what is the function of the shu stream point? bi wind damp heaviness joint pain pathogenic factors enter here defensive qi concentrates here
what is the function of the jing river point? asthma cough hot/cold sensations voice change pathogenic factors are deviated towards joints and sinews at these points
what is the function of the he sea point? fu organs stomach intestines rebellious qi diarrhea
what is the function of the lower he sea point? treat the 6 fu organs they treat yang illness bc they are in the lower part of the body
the point at which the qi eminates jing well
the point at which the the qi glides ying spring
the point at which the qi pours through shu stream
the point at which the qi flows jing river
the point at which the qi enters inward he sea
on the yin channels, the yuan source point is the same point as the ____ shu stream
the yin channels begin with which element wood
the yang channels begin with which element metal
jing well points are for fullness below the heart, ____ pathogen liver
ying spring points are for heat of the body, ____ pathogen heart
shu stream points are for heaviness of the body, ____ pathogen spleen
jing river points are for dyspnea, cough, chills, fever, ___ pathogen lung
he sea points are for counterflow qi and diarrhea, ___ pathogen kidney
when the disease is at the zang, needle the ____ jing well
if the disease manifests as a change in color (complexion), needle the ___ ying spring
when the disease attacks intermittently, needle the ____ shu stream
when the disease manifests as changes in the patient's voice, needle the ____ jing river
if there is disease of the st and disorders resulting from irregular eating and drinking, needle the ____ he sea
in cases of deficiency, ____ the mother reinforce
in cases of excess, ____ the child reduce
Created by: jenorton1