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Resp Pathology

Respiratory Pathology-Atkinson

bacterial pneumonia inflammation of the lung caused-->air spaces fill up with bacteria and neutrophils symptoms: SOB, cough, fever, chest pain usually infectious
Pneumocystis carinii opportunistic infection that affects the immunosuppressed
aspiration pneumonia caused by aspiration of pieces of vomit, food, or drink-->usually not sterile and contain bacteria result of vomiting while unconscious or in inviduals who don't have good control of swallowing (aging)
viral pneumonia inflammation of the lung and causes interstitial tissue to fill with chronic inflammatory cells symptoms: cough, fever, headaches, muscle aches *Influenza virus pneumonia has tendency to become superinfected* with bacteria to produce bacterial pneum
superinfection infection by a second organism that moved in after the first organism
tuberculosis infectious bacteria that causes chronic inflammation can be removed by immune system or go into a dormant state and spread to lymph nodes and other areas of the body later PPD tests for exposure
Coccidiomycosis infection caused by pathogenic fungus AKA valley fever-->causes focal growth and inflammation fungus lives in the ground and can be inhaled with dust symptoms: fever, cough, chest pain recovery possible without treatment but infection may spread
asthsma episodic constriction of bronchioles can be induced by allergies or exercise submucosa becomes edematous and projects into lumen; mucus secreting glands become hyperactive and obstruct air flow-->cause wheezing treatment: bronchiole dilator, steroi
emphysema condition where alveolar walls undergo destruction by proteases-->air spaces become fewer and very large causes: 1)smoking 2)alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (genetic disease) symptoms: dyspnea, barrel-chest
chronic bronchitis Dx: 3 or more months of cough with sputum for at least 2 consecutive years smoking a major cause symptoms: cough, dyspnea-->both result of mucus secretion in large airways
lung cancer 1) primary cancer of the lung (usually carcinomas)-->most common form of cancer in this country 2) metastatic cancer to the lung (carcinomas or sarcomas) destroys lung tissue; produces cancer cachexia; bad prognosis
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