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Midterm - Yu

Formula Comparisons

MA HUANG TANG & GUI ZHI TANG SAME: RE wind-cold 1)Ma Huang – induce sweat, facilitate LU Qi, stop wheeze – for WIND-COLD EXCESS w/o sweat 2) Gui Zhi Tang – RE exterior w-c from muscle layer, harmonize ying/wei – for DEFICIENT W-C w/sweat
SANG JU YIN & YIN QIAO SAN SAME: RE wind-heat 1)Sang Ju Yin – nourish yin – for early stage febrile d/o w/cough - mild w-h condition 2)Yin Qiao San – clear heat/toxicity for w-h invasion w/sore throat, thirst, fever
MA HUANG TANG & MA XING SHI GAN TANG SAME: both contain Ma Huang, Zing Ren, Zhi Gan Cao & stop cough/wheeze d/t w-c or w-h 1) Ma Huang Tang – w-c excess, Gui Zhi 2) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang – cough /wheeze d/t heat in LU, Shi Gao
JIA JIAN WEI RUI TANG, ZAI ZAO TANG, REN SHEN BAI DU SAN, CONG BAI QI WEI YIN SAME: RE with Interior deficiency 1) Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang – w-h with Yin xu 2) Zai Zao San – w-c with Yang xu 3) Ren Shen Bai Du San – w-d-c with Qi xu 4) Cong Bai Qi Wei Yin – w-c with Blood xu
BAI HU TANG & ZHU YE SHI GAO TANG SAME: Clear heat from Qi level 1) Bai Hu Tang – clear heat, generate fluids – for excess heat in YangMing/Qi level 2) Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang – clear heat, generate fluids, tonify qi for Febrile d/o w/injury to Qi/fluids with lingering heat
QING YING TANG & XI JIAO DI HUANG WAN SAME: Clear heat from Ying/Xue levels 1) Qing Ying Tang – heat in Ying level w/fever at night, irritability 2) Xi Jiao Di Huang Wan – heat in Xue level, bleeding d/t heat
PU JI XIAO DU YIN & XIANG FANG HUO MING YIN SAME: clear heat, relieve toxicity 1) Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin – Da Tou Wen (acute massive febrile d/o of the head 2) Xiang Fang Huo Ming Yin - Early-stage sores/carbuncles – toxic skin conditions
XIE BAI SAN & WEI JING TANG SAME: treats LU heat 1) for cough/wheezing d/t LU heat w/cough, wheezing, hot skin 2) Wei Jing Tang – for LU abscess of any stage w/chest pain, coughing up blood/pus
QING WEI SAN, XIE HUANG SAN, YU NU SAN SAME: Treats ST heat 1) Qing Wei San - ST fire causing toothache 2) Xie Huang San - Smoldering SP/ST fire w/mouth ulcers, bad breath 3) Yu Nu San - ST heat w/Yin xu with toothache, loose teeth
QING HAO BIE JIA TANG & DANG GUI LIU HUANG TANG SAME: Treat Yin deficiency 1) Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang - later-stage febrile d/o with heat smoldering in the Yin regions – PM fever, AM coolness, no sweat 2) Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang – nightsweats d/t empty fire from Yin deficiency
QIN JIAO BIE JIA TANG & QING GU SAN SAME: Treat steaming bone d/o 1) Qin Jiao Bie Jia Tang – Feng Lao (wind consumption) with Yin/blood xu – steaming bone d/o, nightsweats, tidal fever 2) Qing Gu San – Xu Lao – steaming bone d/o d/t LR/KI Yin xu – stronger to clear deficiency heat
LIU YI SAN & GUI LING GAN LU YIN SAME: Summerheat with urinary problems 1) Liu Yi San – mild summerheat w/dampness 2) Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin – more severe summerheat w/internal dampness
ZHU YE SHI GAO TANG & QING SHU YI QI TANG SAME: Heat invasion causing fluid deficiency 1) Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang – febrile disease w/lingering heat – in any season 2) Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang – summerheat with Qi/Yin xu
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