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A & E HT

action and effects HT channel

HT1 Moves the Meridian, Relaxes the shoulder
HT1 Angina, chest pains and distension (helps to relax the ribcage), Excessive perspiration, shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder
HT3 Clears Heart and calms spirit, Relaxes soft tissue and calms spasm,
HT3 MP pain tremors and numbness of elbow, spirit issues D/T heat or phlegm stagnation in heart channel
HT3 Armpit and rib pain, pain in the axilla, upper limb weakness, atrophy, paralysis, chest pain, intercostal neuralgia, excessive laughter, psychosis, Depression, hypomania, seizures
HT5 Quiets heart and calms spirit, opnes and unblocks the tongue and throat, regulates heart qi, MP speech and vocal disorders
HT5 Bradycardia, tachycardia, MP palpitations, speech problems, post-stroke speech difficulty, sudden loss of voice, tongue stiffness, sore, swollen throat, anxiety, fear of people, anxiety, dizziness, vertigo, pain or spasm of forearm, wrist, fingers
HT6 Quiets HT & calms spirit, clears HT heat, reduces sweating, Nourishes HT yin, Xi-cleft pt, MP for nightsweats, acute emotional trauma
HT6 Cardian pain, sudden loss of voice, MP nightsweats, vomiting or coughing blood, hysteria
HT7 Quiets HT & calms spirit, clears the HT & harmonizes Ying, nourishes Yin/clears deficient fire, Source pt, most nourishing pt on HT channel
HT7 MP insomnia, Hysteria, excessive dreaming, seizures, mania, dementia, MP absent-mindedness, Angina, palpitations, rib pain, heat in the palms, jaundice w/yellow sclera
HT8 Clears HT fire & heat, drains heat from SI, MP for HT channel fire conditions, focus on physical HT issues, MP for SI affecting BL
HT8 Angina, arrythmia, chest pain, tachycardia, dysuria, enuresis, genital pain, genital/groin itch, hand pain or spasm of little finger, heat in the palms
HT9 Quiets HT & calms spirit, Quells HT fire & opens channels, Jingwell pt
HT9 Chest & rib pain, palpitations, coma, apoplectic coma, high fever, summer heat, mouth or tongue ulcers, hysteria/mania
Created by: ctakayanagi