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Volapük phrases

Basic phrases in Volapük

Hello! Glidis!
Welcome! Vekömö!
Where is my room? Kiöpo binom cem obik?
Where is the beach? Kiöpo binom jol?
Where is the bar? Kiöpo binom bötädöp?
Don't touch me there! No doatolöd obi us!
I don't understand. No kapälob.
I understand. Kapälob
Please, speak more slowly. Begob, pükolös nevifikumo.
Where is the toilet? Kiöpo binom tualet?
I love you. Läfob oli.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Lemotöfazäli yofik e nulayeli läbik!
Happy Easter! Lesustanazäli yofik!
Happy birthday! Motöfadeli yofik!
My hovercraft is full of eels. Lutakujababot oba binon fulik senkafitas.
per day a del
a man man
men mans
the woman vom
the women voms
I ob
we obs
he om
they (masculine) oms
you ol
you all ols
one man man bal
two men mans tel
three women voms kil
1 bal
2 tel
3 kil
4 fol
5 lul
6 mäl
7 vel
8 jöl
9 zül
10 bals
20 tels
30 kils
40 fols
50 luls
60 mäls
70 vels
80 jöls
90 züls
11 balsebal
12 balsetel
21 telsebal
47 lulsevel
99 zülsezül
100 tum
1000 mil
1,000,000 balion
100 baltum
200 teltum
3000 kilmil
4400 folmil foltum
5555 lulmil lultum lulselul.
book buk
house dom
man man
boy pul
day del
and e
mouse mug
week vig
dollar doab
goose gan
year yel
dog dog
sheep jip
month mul
Created by: garydale
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