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final passageway for the flow of urine urethra
kidney transplants are the 2nd most common transplants in the U.S.
To prevent stone formation, individuals should drink enough fluid to produce at least ___ quarts of urine each day 2
Bacteria in the bladder often exit through urination but occ. the bacteria produce too quickly causing infection
___ incontinence is most common & happens when sneezing, laughing, or with abdominal pressure. stress
The normal adult bladder can store up to ___ liters 0.50
Pathogens disease-causing organisms
A mask protects from airborne transmissions
Formation of urine includes: filtration, reabsorption, & tubular secretion
MicroBIOLOGY is a branch of biology
total magnification of the microscope is the ocular magnification multiplied by the objective used
urgency is a need to void immediately
4,500,000 - 5,000,000 / mm3 Normal RBC volume in an adult female
PPE refers to the equipment that protects you
mechanical stage a moveable flat surface that the specimen is placed on the microscope
The diaphragm, which is located under the mechanical stage: allows user to increase or decrease amt. of light
Incident reports are used to document any unusual event that occurs
after intercourse a female should ___ to decrease the transmission of bacteria to the ureters urinate
a range of ____ mg/dl would be considered normal for cholesterol 130-200
SGPT a liver test
Lipid test includes cholesterol, triglycerides, and high-density lipid
a differential WBC is done using a microscope w/ a bright light and ___ x magnification w/ oil immersion 100
200,000 and 300,000 a normal platelet per cubic millimeter of blood count
When the body is cold the capillaries ________ consrict
RBCs are produced in the: bone marrow
Plasma is about ____% of the composition of blood 55
drawback to using the butterfly method $ cost $
blood carries ____ via arteries oxygen
a reservoir for urine bladder
dialysis uses a filter other than the _____ to remove toxins and maintain water balance. kidney
when using vacutainer method you should use what tube first (always apply the proper order or draw) yellow discard for coag studies
90% of plasma is water
a ______________ specializes in incontinence urologist
greatest risk for people with polycystic kidney disease HTN (hypertension)
when recording an incident stick to facts, and have Dr review
reagent strips react by a chemical by showing a color reaction
UA strips should be: stored at room temp and tightly sealed
urine can be: frozen, refrigerated, and tested immediately
room temp. urine for an extended period of time will yeild: conatamination and inaccurate test results
HbgA1C is a test Dr's use to determine Diabetes and the long-term control
a "crit" provides the Dr w/ info about the pt's RBC volume. A low hematocrit indicates anemia & or hemorrhage
a lancet should be discarded in a sharps container
Normal WBC counts range from 4,500 to 12,000/mm3
24 hour urine samples are collected to test the: specific urine components, content of kidney stones, and levels of ca and other substances
_____________ is a measurement of urine compared to an equal volume of water specific gravity
specific types of ____ testing can reflect kidney function hematology
an elevated WBC would not indicate a _____ infection viral
in 1988 Congress enected the ______________ in response to concern over accuracy of lab test. CLIA
The _____ lab may be associated with a specific teaching hospital or medical school or be independently owned. reference
Patients are required to fast for ________ hours for a GTT 12-14
frequent obstruction that affects the kidney is: kidney stone
UTI are more common for __________ women
A normal person will produce ____ liters of urine daily 1 1/2 - 2
a pt should be well ____ in order for the phlebotomist to obtain blood hydrated
normal ESR in an adult female is _____ 0 - 20
PKU stands for phenylketonuria
if PKU is undetected and untreated it will result in : mental retardation
____ is the length of time it takes for the test to be performed and for results to be generated and sent back to Dr. turn around time
most common venipuncture is: vacuum container method
_______ provide safety info for all lab personnel MSDS
incubator used to maintain a specific temperature to achieve a specific result
a _____ is a type of handheld photometer that is used to test glucose levels in patients glucometer
a normal triglycerides would be 40 - 150
Laboratory time is based on the 24 hour clock or ____________ time military time
a ________ test analyzes a specimen for the presence of a substance and the amount of the substance present quantitative
the centrifuge is an instrument used to ________ specimens into component layers separate
nephrology is the study of the kidneys
an _____ is a small portion of the whole aliquot
Urea is _________ an electrolyte NOT (electrolytes are K, Na, chloride ...
The MA should always verify : Name, DOB and insurance
Is it true that proper standards and procedures must be followed to ensure accurate urinalysis results? yes
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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