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Formulas (Bensky)

Ch. 12: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Yu Ping Feng San Jade Windscreen Powder: Spontaneous sweating due to deficiency and unstable Wei Qi: spontaneous sweating with aversion to wind, and an increased susceptibility to invasion by Exterior Wind, wan and shiny complexion.
Mu Li San Oyster Shell Powder: Sweating D/O due to Qi and Yin deficiency: Excessive sweat (day or night time, but worse at night), palpitations or easily startled, SOB, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, thirst, dry mouth and dry throat.
Jiu Xian San Nine Immortals Powder: Chronic coughing and wheezing exhausted Lung Qi and Lung Yin Syndrome: Chronic cough with wheezing, SOB, spontaneous sweating, fatigue and lethargy, wan-shiny complexion.
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang True Men's Decoction to Nourish the Organ: Chronic diarrhoea and dysentery D/O due to SP/KD Yang Def: Unremitting diarrhoea with abd. pain relieved by warmth/pressure, stool possibly cont. blood/mucous, poor app., fatigue/lethargy, wan complexion.
Si Shen Wan Four Miracle Pill: Daybreak diarrhoea due to SP/KD Yang Deficiency: Chronic diarrhoea with dull abd. pain that occurs daily before sunrise, poor appetite/digestion, cold extremities, LBP.
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan Golden Lock Pill to Stabilise the Essence: 1.Spermatorrhoea due to Def. KD’s failure to secure the Essence: nocturnal emission, impotence, LBP, knee pain, fatigue, tinnitus. T: Pale with white coat P: Thin and weak 2.General KD Essence Def.
Sang Piao Xiao San Mantis Egg-Case Powder: KD/HT Qi Deficiency D/O: Freq. urination with grey and cloudy urine (like rice water), possibly accompanied by spermatorrhoea, forgetfulness, or disorientation. T: Pale with white coat P: Thin, slow, frail
Suo Quan Wan Shut the Sluice Pill: Deficiency Cold in the Lower Jiao: Frequent urination or paediatric enuresis with clear urine, cold extremities, pale-shiny complexion, soreness and cold in the lower back and knees.
Shou Tai Wan Foetus Longevity Pill: Threatened miscarriage due to KD Deficiency: During pregnancy, soreness/distention of the lower back, collapsing sensation in the lower abdomen, sl. vaginal bleeding, dizziness, SOB, weak legs, freq. urination.
Gu Chong Tang Stabilise Gushing Decoction: DUB due to instability of the Chong Mai with SP Deficiency: Metrorrhagia, hypermenorrhoea in which the blood is thin and pale, bleeding that is either gushing or trickling, palpitations, SOB, shiny complexion.
Wan Dai Tang End the Discharge/Perfect the Belt Vessel Decoction: Abnormal vaginal discharge due to Dai Mai Deficiency: Profuse and consistent vaginal discharge that is white or yellowish colour, thin and odourless, fatigue, a shiny-pale complexion, loose stools, poor
Ch. 12, Formulas that Stabilise & Bind Qi, Blood & Essence, is contraindicated in what conditions? Conditions of excess: exterior syndromes, Excess-Heat, Damp-Heat, etc.
What accounts for invasion by pathogenic factors? Unseasonable weather or bodily deficiency
How long can Yu Ping Geng San be used safely? Long term use is safe: 3-6 months or longer
Can Yu Ping Geng San also tx the common cold? No
Fang Feng: Does it release the exterior via diaphoresis? No
Which formula is for LV Qi Stagnation and SP Qi Deficiency; it uses the same pattern and organ involvement as Xiao Yao San, but that one deals more with GI and emotional involvement? Wan Dai Tang
What is the difference b/n LU and Wei Qi Patterns? Properties often overlap, as can patterns. Defensive Qi Def. inc. spontaneous sweat, chills, easy to catch a cold, plus general Qi Def. signs. Lung Qi Def. shows LU-specific signs like feeble voice and chronic cough, plus qi deficiency; of second importan
Yu Ping Geng San: actions Strongly Tonifies the Qi, Strengthens and Stabilises the Exterior, Arrests Sweating
Mu Li San: actions Actions: Stabilises the Exterior and Inhibits Sweating
Jiu Xian San: actions Actions: Astringes and Restores the Lung Qi, Arrest Coughing/Wheezing, Reinforces the Qi and Enriches Yin.
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang: actions Actions: Strengthens the Spleen, Warms the Kidney, Astringes the Intestines and Arrests Diarrhoea.
Si Shen Wan: actions Actions: Warms and Tonifies KD/SP, Binds the Intestines, and Arrests Diarrhoea.
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan: actions Actions: Strengthens the KD Essence, Stops nocturnal emissions.
Sang Piao Xiao San: actions Actions: Harmonises and Tonifies the HT/KD, Stabilises the Essence, and Stops Leakage.
Suo Quan Wan: actions Actions: Warms the KD, Dispels Cold, Restrains the urine and Stops Leakage.
Shou Tai Wan: actions Actions: Stabilises the KD and Calms the Foetus.
Gu Chong Tang: actions Actions: Augments the Qi, Tonifies the SP, Restrains the Chong Mai, Controls Bleeding
Wan Dai Tang: actions Actions: Tonifies the SP, Disperses LV constraint, Eliminates Dampness and Relieves Vaginal Discharge.
What is the difference b/n Ma Huang and Ma Huang Gen? Ma Huang Gen (root, not radix) will arrest sweating, whereas Ma Huang is the primary herb for inducing sweat.
What are the functions of Mu Li? Mu Li benefits Yin, anchors floating Yang and arrests sweating.
What are the functios of Fu Xiao Mai? Fu Xiao Mai nourishes the HT, calms spirit and arrests sweating.
What is the focus of Mu Li San? Stopping sweating and anchoring Heart Yang.
According to source texts, this powder is taken with a tea that includes 2 pcs. Sheng Jiang and one pc. of Da Zao. Jiu Xian San
What are contraindications of Jiu Xian San? Not to be used for: cough in exterior syndrome, cough due to excessive phlegm, long term usage (due to toxicity and astringent nature)
Why are astringent herbs safely used in the formula Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang? Excess conditions are not indicated for this formula, meaning astringent herbs can safely be used.
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang's primary action is to astringe leakage; what is the secondary function? Strengthening the SP and warming the KD.
Daybreak diarrhoea translates to: Wu Geng Xie
How long should Si Shen Wan be used before trying another formula? Three weeks
What are the primary and secondary foci of Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan? Primary: astringing leakage Secondary: tonifying the KD's
Can Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan be modified for other conditions? JSGJ can be modified to tx wet dreams, of aetiology "Blazing Fire"
Spermatorrhoea is most often a D/O of which organ(s)? KD and LV dysfunction
The KD/HT Qi Def. tx'd by Sang Piao Xiao San is most often assoc. w/ what? Excessive sexual activity
Which formula is more tonifying: Sang Piao Xiao San or Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan? Sang Piao Xiao San
Which formula can also tx paediatric enuresis? Sang Piao Xiao San
Which formula works well in children, but for adults must be combined with other formulas to give it added strength? Suo Quan Wan
Which vessel is responsible for menstrual regularity? Penetrating Vessel (Chong Mai)
Although Gu Chong Tang is named after the Chong Mai, where do the herbs focus? Strengthening the SP and augmenting the Qi
Which 2 formulas are are used to tx excessive menstrual bleeding from SP Qi (-) failing to govern the Blood? Gui Pi Tang and Gu Chong Tang?
Compare Gu Chong Tang and Gui Pi Tang... Gu Chong Tang is used for astringing and binding, whereas GPT is more for less severe bleeding with more signs of HT Blood disturbance.
Why is Wan Dai Tang included in this chapter? Formula included here b/c it will astringe and improving the organ disharmonies, vs. attacking a pathogenic influence that may be causing the discharge.
Other uses for Wan Dai Tang... Also for oedema during pregnancy or menstruation, and other problems with SP Qi deficiency with turbid dampness.
Created by: lstapelmann
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