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TechCustomer Service

Ms.Wenger Chapter 10 Customer Service

Individualized accomodation of customer needs and wants? Mass Customization
New ways if thinking about and doing business? Paradigm shift
Integration of the production and service Delivery processes into the research and promotion processes? Customer Service Feedback Loop
Allows business to remember each customer individually? Customer Database
Unified messaging,seamless internet integration, near-infinite bandwidth, and natural language processing? Technical Trends
Virtual call centers, global outsourcsing, and teleprofessionals? Operational Trends
Integrates all customer communication through single messaging interface(operating system)? Unified Messaging
Allows real-time two-way text messaging etween the customer and the customer service representative? Web Chat
Online customers can use a button push or hyper link to reuqest a return call by an agent on a seperate phone line? Web Callback
The customer service representative can take control of the customers internet browser in order to demonstrate how to use the company's web pages? Collaborative Browsing
The maximum amount of information that can be transmitted over a channel (bytes per second)* The faster way of using the internet instead of dial up? Bandwidth
Automatic speech recognition,speaker verification, and speech synthesis? Natural Language Systems
Use voiceprint technology to provide enhanced security for customer information and customer accounts? Speaker Verification
The link of two or more geographically dispersed call centers into a single central telephone switch that route calls to the next available customer service representative regardless of location? Virtual Call Centers (VCC)
A company hires another company to fulfill some ker functions such as call centers or help desks? Outsourcing
Outside Suppliers in geographically dispersed regions of the world that provide low-cost, continous support? Global Outsourcing
Logging in from remote offices, most frequently from the employees own homes? Telecommuting
The process of managing, tracking and organizing contacts with your customers and potential customers? Contact Management
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