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"Macbeth" Review

Review for Regents

Fleance Banquo's son
Macbeth A tragic Hero
Three wierd sisters Prophesied that Macbeth would be king
Duncan Is murdered in his sleep by Macbeth
MacDuff Vows revenge on Macbeth for killing his wife and children
Banquo Suspects Macbeth of killing King Duncan because he knows about the prophecy
Malcolm The rightful heir to the throne after Duncan dies.
Lady Macbeth Guilt drives her crazy and she falls over the cliff to her death.
Donaldbain Runs away with Malcolm in fear for his life after his father is killed.
The Thane of Cawder Executed because he betrayed Scotland and King Duncan
A tragic hero A person of noble birth with fatal flaws that cause his/her downfall
Lady Macbeth's obsessive wringing of her hands Symbolizes the guilt she feels about the innocent blood they have shed.
The bloody daggar Foreshadows Macbeth's murder of Duncan
Banquo's Ghost Haunts Macbeth at the banquet.
Macbeth changes from a hero to a tyrant Shows he is a round character because he changes.
Banquo does not let the witches' prophecy affect his honor. Shows he is a flat character because he does not change.
Greed and Ambition Macbeth's fatal flaws that led to his downfall.
William Shakespeare Author of "Macbeth"
Elsinore Macbeth's castle
Birnham Woods Looks like it is moving up to Macbeth's castle whe the soldiers us the branches as camoflauge.
Created by: macpavone