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10.1 Points theory

What does Qi do at a Jing-Well point? Bubbles
What does Qi do at a Ying-Spring point? Starts to flourish
What does Qi do at a Shu-Stream point? Flourishes
What does Qi do at a Jing-River point? Increases in abundance
What does Qi do at a He-Sea point? Runs into the sea
What are Jing-Well points used for? Acute PFs, restores consciousness, treats mental illness, stifling sensation in the chest
What are Ying-Spring points used for? Febrile disease and clearing Heat
What are Shu-Stream points used for? Bodily heaviness and joint pain (bi syndrome)
What are Jing-River points used for? Coughs and breathlessness, alternating Heat and Cold
What are He-Sea points used for? Disorders of the intestines, Stomach and other Fu
What are Yuan-Source points used for? - Tonification or reduction - 'testing' the CF - supporting other points on the same channel
What are Luo-Connecting points used for? Balance disharmony between Yin and Yang organs, and channel problems
What are Xi-Cleft points used for? Acute pain and/or acute bleeding
Where are Xi-Cleft points found? Where Qi accumulates
What are Back Shu points used for? - tonification of organs - expel PFs - sedate excess patterns - diagnostic: tender when organ is diseased - affecting associated sense organs, eg Bl 18 for eyes - diagnosing and treating AE
What are Front Mu points used for? - diagnostic: tender when organ is diseased - tonify or sedate organs (esp for tonifying Yin Xu)
How many Hui points are there? 8
What are Hui points? Points with a therapeutic effect on a particular tissue group, region or function.
How many Lower He-Sea points are there? 6
What are the Lower He-Sea points used for? Treating the associated Yang organ
To which element point does the Jing Well point correspond on a Yin channel? Wood
How can you tell what the function of a point is? - the type of point it is - it's location - it's name - the characteristics of the element and organ on whose channel it lies
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