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American Painters

Independence and the Opening of the West Thomas Hart Benton
Arts of the West Thomas Hart Benton
The American Historical Epic Thomas Hart Benton
Cotton Pickers Thomas Hart Benton
Hollywood Thomas Hart Benton
The Buffalo Trail, the Impending Storm Albert Bierstadt
Thunderstorm in the Rockies Albert Bierstadt
Raftsmen Playing Cards George Caleb Bingham
The Jolly Flatboatmen in Port George Caleb Bingham
The Bath Mary Cassatt
At the Opera Mary Cassatt
Mother and Child Mary Cassatt
The Caress Mary Cassatt
Maternal Kiss Mary Cassatt
View from Mount Holyoke Thomas Cole
The Voyage of Life Thomas Cole
The Course of Empire Thomas Cole
Death of Major Peirson John Singleton Copley
John Hancock John Singleton Copley
Brook Watson and the Shark John Singleton Copley
Woman and Bicycle Willem de Kooning
Queen of Hearts Willem de Kooning
was an abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning
Nude Descending a Staircase Marcel Duchamp
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Marcel Duchamp
Fountain Marcel Duchamp
LHOOQ (Mona Lisa w/ mustache) Marcel Duchamp
The Gross Clinic Thomas Eakins
The Masquerade Dress Robert Henri
New York Street in Winter Robert Henri
Nighthawks Edward Hopper
Bow of Beam Trawler Osprey Edward Hopper
Lighthouse Hill Edward Hopper
Office at Night Edward Hopper
Three Flags Jasper Johns
Popeye Roy Lichtenstein
Goldfish Bowl II Roy Lichtenstein
The Eisenhower Farm Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses
Home of Hezekiah King Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses
Battle of Bennington Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses
First Snow Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses
Cow's Skull--Red, White, and Blue Georgia O'Keefe
Black Iris III Georgia O'Keefe
Red Hills and Bones Georgia O'Keefe
Sky Above Clouds IV Georgia O'Keefe
Number 5 Jackson Pollock
The She-Wolf Jackson Pollock
Portrait and a Dream Jackson Pollock
"Jack the Dripper" Jackson Pollock
Portrait of Lady Agnew John Singer Sargent
Lady X John Singer Sargent
Mrs. George Swinton John Singer Sargent
Gassed John Singer Sargent
The Skater Gilbert Stuart
George Washington Gilbert Stuart
Dollar Bills Andy Warhol
Campbell's Soup Cans Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe's Lips Andy Warhol
Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1 James Whistler
The Artist's Mother James Whistler
American Gothic Grant Wood
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Grant Wood
Box in a Valise/Suitcase Marcel Duchamp
Bottle Rack Marcel Duchamp
Small Spider Alexander Calder
La Grande Vitesse Alexander Calder
Reflection of the Big Dipper Jackson Pollock
Early Colored Liz Andy Warhol
One Hundred Cans Andy Warhol
Flowers Andy Warhol
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