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How does Caesar 1st enter the play in a triumphal procession; he has defeated the sons of his deceased rival Pompey
What does the Soothsayer say to Caesar? "Beware the Ides of March"
What does Cassius 1st ask Brutus? why he has been so distant and contemplative lately
What does Brutus admit to Cassius (early in the play)? that he fears the people want Caesar to be King
What does Antony offer Caesar in the marketplace? the crown
that night (after the marketplace scene), which of the following omens are seen? dead men walking, lions strolling in the marketplace, and lightning
what finally convinces Brutus to join the conspirators forged letters planted by Cassius
Why does Calpurnia urge Caesar to stay home rather than appear at the Senate? she has had nightmares about his death
why does Caesar ignore Calpurnia's warnings Decius convinces him that Calpurnia has interpreted the dream and the omens incorrectly
What does Artemidorus offer Caesar in the street? a letter warning him about the conspiracy
What do the conspirators do at the Senate? kneel around Caesar, stab Caesar, proclaim "tyranny is dead"
What does Antony do when he arrives at Caesar's body he swears allegiance to Brutus, he weeps over Caesar's body, and he shakes hands with the conspirators
after the assassination of Caesar, which of the conspirators addresses the plebeians 1st Brutus
what is Brutus's explanation for killing Caesar Caesar was ambitions
What does Antony tell the crowd? that Brutus is an honorable man, that Caesar brought riches to Rome and turned down the crown, and that Caesar bequeathed all of the citizens a large sum of money
What is the crowd's response rage; they chase the conspirators from the city
Who is Octavius Caesar's adopted son and appointed heir
Octavius and Antony join together with whom? Lepidus
Why do Brutus and Cassius argue Brutus asked for money and Cassius withheld it
What news do Brutus and Cassius receive from Rome Portia is dead, many senators are dead, and the armies of Antony and Octavius are marching toward Philippi
What appears at Brutus's bedside in camp? Caesar's ghost
What does Cassius think has happened to his and Brutus's armies? he believes that they have been defeated by Antony and Octavius
What is Cassius's response to the situation (of the armies) he has his servant stab him
what does Brutus do when he sees the battle lost? he kills himself
what does Antony call Brutus? the noblest Roman
At the opening of the play, what are the plebeians celebrating? Caesar's victory over Pompey
The plebeians are members of the lower classes
"beware the ides of March" is stated by whom a soothsayer
Who leads the conspiracy against Caesar Cassius
why does Caesar request Antony "touch Calpurnia" to rid her of her sterility
Who states: "Accoutred as I was, I plunged in/And bade him follow; so indeed he did." Cassius
Portia is the wife of whom Brutus
Who states: "What you would work me to,/I have some aim;/How I have thought of this and of these times." Brutus
To convince Brutus to join him, what does the lead conspirator plant in his house? an anonymous letter decrying Caesar's rule
How many times does Caesar refuse the crown? 3 times
Who offers Caesar the crown? Antony
What happens to Caesar after refusing the crown he falls in the market place
how does Brutus die by his own sword
Caesar suffers from what? deafness in his left ear
what is Octavius' job a general in Caesar's army
who states: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears." Antony
Caesar's will promises what to the people 75 dachmas to each plebeian
Who states: "So call the field to rest; and let's away,/To part the flories of this happy day." Octavius
In the statement, "This was the noblest Roman of them all", to whom is the speaker referring Brutus
When is the ides of March March 15th
The following is NOT a member of the conspiracy against Caesar: Trebonius, Lepidus, Casca, Cinna Lepidus
The following did not stab Caesar: Brutus, Trebonius, Cassius, Casca Trebonius
To whom is the speaker referring: "O, let us have him, for his silver hairs/Will purchase us a good opinion/And buy men's voices to commend our deeds" Cicero
Who states: "Tell me, good Brutus, can you see your face?" Cassius
What almost keeps Caesar from attending Senate on the day of his death? Calpurnia's bad dream
Marcellus and Flavius chastise a group of workmen for disregarding Pompey
Calphurnia is married to Caesar
After meeting in the storm, Cassius and the other conspirators agree to meet at Pompey's Porch
Brutus bases his decision to assassinate Caesar on what Caesar may do if he is crowned king
Portia is nervous in Act II, Scene 4, because she fears that her husband is involved in a wicked plot
Who means to warn Caesar about the conspiracy with a letter? Artemidorus
After turning the crowd against the conspirators, Antony joins forces with whom? Octavius
In Act IV, the location of the play moves from Rome to a camp outside Sardis
Cassius accuses Brutus of betraying him by condemning Lucius Pella
Which of the following four words best describes Brutus' character: idealistic, stoic, magnanimous, hedonistic stoic
Portia dies when she swallows hot coals
After discovering Cassius' body, Brutus decides to continue fighting with the enemy
Who said: "Caesar, thou art revenged,/Even with the sword that killed thee." Cassius
Who said: "[C]owards die many times before their deaths." Caesar
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