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Intro to CAD Lesson1

Units 1-3 (Basic AutoCAD Functions and Commands)

Key TermsDefinitions
Windows 7 Computer Operating System
Icon Shortcut to a program, file, or folder.
Desktop Place where icons are contained.
Dialog Box Window that provides information and permits you to make selections.
Toolbar A strip of related buttons that can be displayed or hidden by the user.
Tooltip Word that appear when you place the pointer on a button that helps you understand the function of that button.
Command Line Blue field at the bottom of the screen that provides feedback, allows you to input information and access commands.
Button Small areas within the toolbars that contain pictures (icons) . Picking the button accesses it's associated command or function.
Crosshairs A special cursor that consists of two intersecting lines and a pick box; used to select objects and locate points in the drawing area.
Drawing Area The main portion of the window in AutoCAD; the dark area where the drawing appears.
Status Bar The gray bar at the bottom of the AutoCAD screen that displays various types of information and drawing modes.
Floating toolbar Toolbar that displays as an idependent window in the drawing area.
Docked toolbar Toolbar that is attached at the top or sides of the drawing area; the toolbar name does not appear.
Pull-Down Menu Menu names that appear across the top of the screen in AutoCAD from which you can access many commands and functions.
NEW command Allows you to create a drawing file.
OPEN command Displays the Select File dialog box.
SAVEAS command Saves the current drawing with a new filename.
GUI Graphic User Interface
Pointing Device Usually a mouse; corresponds with the crosshairs.
3 Basic Operations of a computer Input, Processing, & Output
Ribbon A specialized tool Pallette (usually at the top of the screen) that allows you to select various commands.
Menu Browser Large capital A in the upper left corner that provides for selecting various options in AutoCAD.
Created by: tmurphy