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Part one final (R)

All about research papers!

What is a research paper? An investigative, written report based upon information compiled from a variety of sources
What is the purpose of research? Your task may be: to explain, to analyze, or to persuade.
What are print resources? These include books, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. They may be in hard copy or on microfilm.
What are non-print resources? Videos, films, filmstrips, records, audiotapes, artwork etc.
What are electronic resources? Computer programs, databases in the Internet, and Internet Web sites
What is a database? Information organized for rapid search and retrieval by a computer They are found on the World Wide Web or on CD-Rom disks.
What is the definition of topic? General subject area chosen or assigned for preliminary research
What is the definition of Theme? Particular part of a general topic that you are assigned, or have chosen for research
What is a bookmark? A Place on a browser where you can click on to save URLs
What is a citation? To cite something means to show the reader where you found particular information.
What is a site? A place on the World Wide Web where information is located
What is the home page? First or main page of a Web site; it introduces that site and provides helpful links.
What is a keyword? Word or terms that are about an aspect of your research. You use Keywords to search online catalogs and databases.
What does it mean to paraphrase something? To restate a phrase into your own words or idea that you found in research
What is plagiarism? Knowing or unknowing use of exact words or phrases from a source in your own work
What is a thesis statement? A clear statement of the point you are making in your paper
What is a webpage or website? Specific location on the World Wide Web.; the address will have a URL.
What does an outline do? Provides a structure for your paper
What does MLA mean and what does it do for us? Stands for Modern Language Association and is a model for citing work by using Parenthetical Documentation
What is a quote? Directly stated words
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