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Lit. King Arthur

The peeps of King Arthur by mv & court

Agravaine Son of Morgwase, Hald-brother of Mordred brother of Gaheris, Gareth, and Gawaine
King Bagdemagus King that Lancelot fought for in the tournament
King Ban Helped Arthur win the throne at the beginning
Beaumains Pretty hands, really Gareth
Sir Bedivere Throw's Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake at the demand of Arthur at the end of the story
Sir Bliant Fins and takes care of Lancelot when he was a mad mad
Sir Bors Helpede Arthur win the throne at the beginning
Dame Brisen Magic nurse Lady Elaine of Shalot that helps Elaine trick Lancelot
Le Checalier Mal Fait Sir Lancelot's nickname
Duke of Cornwall 1st husband of Igraine
Sir Ector Raised Arthur as his father
Sir Ector de Maris Bro of Lancelot
Elaine Daughter of Igraine, half-sister of Arthur, Sister of Morgwase and Morgan le Fay
Exclibur Arthur's sword from the Lady of the Lake
Gaheris Son of Morgwase
Galahad Son of Lancelot and Elaine, the perfect knight, pulls sword out of stone the 2nd time
Gareth Son of Morgawase, Beaumains
Gawaine Son of Morgawase
Holy Grail Sangreal, Jesus' cup
Guinevere Wife of Arthur
Igraine Wife of Duke of Cornwall and Uther Pendragon, mother of Elaine, Morgan le Fay, Morgwase, and Arthur
Knight of Inde Defeated by Beaumains, Blue knight
Sir Kay "Bro" of Arthur his Excalibur
Lady of Lake Gave Arthur his Arthur
Lancelot du Lac Arthur's BFF, great knight from france, Le Checalier Mal Fait
King Leondegrance Fathe of Guinevere, gives Arthur Round Table
Created by: courtandmv