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LA Final

a collection of animals menagerie
energetic dynamic
careless and neglectful remiss
antonym for bias impartial
adequate sufficient
thought or idea prospect
an item used for trade and commerce commodity
same thing over and over monotony
twice a year biannual
a costume party masquerade
on the surface superficial
antonym for tease or ridicule compliment
a special paper for writing stationery
an illusion, usually of water mirage
constant or unchanging consistent
flaw defect
timeless classic
antonym for help hindrance
device allowing you to see outside of your line of vision periscope
a reproduction replica
not moving stationary
a useful value or quality asset
someone who is outgoing extrovert
every two years biennial
to free emancipate
a non living object inanimate
something that completes or makes perfect complement
to attach affix
Mark Twain's real name Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain's childhood dream Steamboat pilot
Mark Twain's town of growing up Hannibal
The group of people Mark Twain spoke out for because of the abuse inflicted on them Chinese
Title of the novel by Mark Twain about corrupt wealthy people in America The Guilded Age
Mark Twain's wife's first name Olivia
The side of the Civil War that Mark Twain joined Confederate
The title of Mark Twain's most controversial and well-known novel Huckleberry Finn
What color suit was Mark Twain most known for wearing White
MT's favorite river Mississippi
The main character in Mark Twain's novel about his boyhood home Tom Sawyer
The president that Mark Twain helped write his memoir Grant
language the describes appealing to the senses sensory language
an extreme exaggeration hyperbole
giving inanimate objects human qualities personification
general term for language that creates mind pictures imagery
a poem that gives tribute to someone or something ode
the literal meaning of a word denotation
repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words that are close together alliteration
the general term for an expression that is not literally true figure of speech
the feelings associated with a word connotation
a poem that expresses an emotion lyric poem
a comparison over multiple lines extended metaphor
a comparison saying one thing is another metaphor
a poem that tells a story narrative poem
a poem with no set structure, rhythm, or rhyme Free verse poem
a sad poem that honors someone who has passed away elegy
a 14-line poem with 3 quatrains and a couplet sonnet
a commonly used expression that is not literally true idiom
when acutual meaning of a term is opposite of literal meaning irony
a comparison using like or as simile
a list poem catalog
a word that sounds like the sound it is making onomatopoeia
when words rhyme within a line of poetry internal rhyme
a 5-line poem with the rhyme scheme AABBA Limerick
mood or attituede conveyed in writing tone
why a character does something motivation
a story passed down through generations through word of mouth Folktale
stories that are not factual fiction
using clues from a story to make meaning inference
evidence is on topic appropriate
finding differences contrast
a story that is 20 pages or less short story
finding similarities compare
the parts of a story literary elements
there is enough evidence adequate
the evidence is factual accurate
a story from ancient greece that explains how something came about origin myth
when the author tells you what a character is like direct characterization
a story explaining the once unexplainable, includes gods and goddesses myth
the most important point of a nonfiction piece main idea
being one sided bias
when the author shows you what a character is like indirect characterization
factual writing nonfiction
a story between 20 and 100 pages novella
a generalization about a group stereotype
a book about someone written by that person autobiography
a book about someone written about someone else biography
the lesson of a story theme
proof for a claim evidence
a short nonfiction piece on a specific topic essay
a story over 100 pages novel
anything that is not poetry prose
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