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BL Final Exam-Hanser

Final Exam Study Guide

The Supreme Court of the United States is the final interpreter of the federal Constitution. True
Bigamy, an example of a void marriage, is a crime. True
Parents are obligated by state laws to support their children until they reach adulthood. True
Traditionally, the law sees husband and wife as parties to a marriage contract for life and for the benefit of each other. True
Common-law marriages are for the poor, common people. False
If a marriage proposal is accepted, a binding contract results. True
One act can either be a tort or a crime but not both. False
Money damages received as a result of a tort is intended to compensate for the injury. True
It is not a crime to buy property that you know has been stolen. False
A witness who refuses to testify without a legal basis for the refusal may be in contempt of court. True
The three elements of most crimes are the duty, the breach of the duty, and criminal intent. True
Any records made on juvenile cases are open to the public. False
The state legal system, as well as the federal, has three branches of government. True
Appellate courts usually decide whether there were errors of law or errors of fact in the trial. False
The system of law in the United States is based on the English common law. True
How many distinct stages do most societies go through in forming their legal systems? Four
If a state constitution and the U.S. Constitution conflict, which prevails? U.S. Constitution
Which of the following will police investigate? Criminal matters
The current American legal system has evolved from various sources throughout the centuries. However, the United States legal system is based on English common law
At what level are laws created in the United States? Federal, state, and local
Making an ethical judgment by universalizing the action involves Imagining everyone in the world doing the action
Negotiating a settlement between injured parties without going to court may include An arbitrator and a mediator
Courts that administer wills and estates are called Probate courts
Appellate courts Examine transcripts
To resolve a dispute in court means to Litigate
The first court to hear a dispute is known as the Trial court
An unlawful or harmful touching is called Battery
A threat with an apparent ability to do immediate injury is referred to as An assault
A tort is An offense against an individual
Maggie has been unable to sell her home because it is old and deteriorated. In order to build a new house, Maggie sets a fire to her house and then files an insurance claim to obtain money to build a newer home. What crime did Maggie commit? Arson
If a witness refuses to testify after the grant of immunity, with what can the witness be charged since he or she is hindering the administration of justice? Contempt of court
Which of the following is not a constitutional right of an accused? The right to a private cell when in jail
Criminal intent generally means that the defendant Intended to do evil and intended to commit the act
Why would a defendant accept a plea bargain? To avoid the risk of being convicted of a more serious offense
Lori teaches aerobics classes at a health club. When Lori pulls into the parking lot to park her car near the Coffee Shoppe, the owner runs out the door cursing, yelling, shaking his fists and threatening. Of what tort is the Coffee Shoppe owner guilty? Assault
The only restriction in the choice of marital partners is Being closely related to each other
A court order that cancels a marriage because of a problem that existed from the beginning of the marriage is called An annulment
The most important consideration in the issue of child custody is the Welfare of the child
The amount of alimony to be paid is set by The court
In most states that recognize common-law marriages, the couple must live as husband and wife for usually how many years? Ten
Created by: thanser



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