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Grammar Mechanics and Punctuation

What name is given to a word formed by combining the letters of a name or phrase such as RADAR? Acronym
What voice is a verb when the subject is the doer of the action? Active
The subordinate clause is used as what part of speech in this example? "Individual soldiers make countless sacrifices so that generals may parade victoriously." Adverb
What name is applied to a metrical foot composed of two short syllables followed by one long one? Anapest
It is used mainly in reference works to indicate omissions and footnotes. What is this punctuation make that resembles a star? Asterisk
What name is given to a helping verb that modifies a main verb? Auxiliary(verb)
Give the preposition or prepositions in the following sentence: "Before dawn, the sky was alive with colorful clouds brightened by the sun." Before, with, by
A list of books and articles on a particular subject is called? Bibliography
What name is applied to a run-on sentence in which two main clauses are separated only by a comma? Comma splice
What name is given to a sentence with at least one independent clause and at least one subordinate clause? Complex (sentence)
A sentence that contains at least two independent clauses and no subordinate clauses is known as what? Compound (sentence)
What word refers to a sentence containing at least two independent clauses and at least one subordinate clause? Compound-complex (sentence)
What type of conjunctions such as For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So that can join two main clauses? Coordinating (conjunctions)
Two successive lines of verse that rhyme are called? Couplet
What name is given to a metrical foot consisting of one long syllable followed by two short ones? Dactyl(ic)
A sentence that makes a statement is called what? Declarative (sentence)
Articles such as 'the' that point to specific things are known as what? Definite (articles)
Pronouns such as 'this', 'that', 'these' and 'those' which point to specific things are known as what? Demonstrative (pronouns)
A punctuation mark that looks like three periods used in quotations to show that something was omitted is known as a what? Ellipsis
A comma should be inserted after what word to turn this sentence fragment into a full sentence? "Although beautiful and famous cathedrals no longer interest homesick children traveling abroad with parents. Famous
What name is applied to a run-on sentence in which two main clauses not separated by a comma? Fused sentence
What term refers to a verb ending in 'ing' that operates in a sentence as a noun, such as 'Thinking can be painful'? Gerund
What is the personal pronoun in this sentence: "Those are the best apples I have ever eaten" I
What name is given to a metrical foot composed of one short syllable followed by one long one? Iambic
articles such as 'a' or 'an' which do not point to specific things are known as what? Indefinite (articles)
What term refers to a verb preceded by the word 'TO' but used as a noun, such as "To think can be painful'? Infinitive
What kind of verb does not need a Direct Object to complete its meaning? Intransitive (verb)
What is the function of the gerund phrase in this example? "Shoe problems have kept many centipedes from participating in professional tennis." Object of preposition
What voice is the verb if the subject is the receiver of the action? Passive
In what voice is the following sentence: "The colony of Georgia was established by James Oglethorpe." Passive
A shift in what makes this sentence unacceptable? "A student can always locate the North Star if you can find the Big Dipper." Person
What term is applied to pronouns that refer back to the doer of the action such as Myself, Himself, Herself, and Itself? Reflexive (pronouns)
What name is applied to pronouns such as Who, Whom, Whose, Which and That? Relative (pronouns)
How many hyphens are needed in this sentence? "Twenty two tired and soft spoken ex presidents of major toy corporations uttered half truths about their brothers in law." 6
What grammatical mood is illustrated in this quote from Abraham Lincoln? "If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" Subjunctive (mood)
What clause depends on another element for its complete meaning? Subordinate (clause)
What kind of verb needs a Direct Object to complete its meaning? Transitive (verb)
Identify the adverb in the following sentence. 'The tree looks very old'. Very
What type of nouns name things that are thought of as a whole and which are not split into separate, countable parts such as languages, natural events, and abstractions? Noncount (Nouns)
Classify the following sentence according to purpose and structure. 'Did you break the window?' Interrogative, Simple
Consider the sentence, 'Yesterday I went skiing with Martha and Jeff.' In what voice is the verb in this sentence? Active
What error is illustrated in the following sentence? 'The driver hit his brakes the car skidded to a halt.' Run-On
What is the five-syllable term for writing that attempts to explain or introduce? Expository
While writing a research paper, Chris wants to find a similar word to use in place of the word 'gloomy'. What common reference book should he use? Thesaurus
This type of statement is usually found near the beginning of an essay and makes clear the central theme and purpose of the work. Name it. Thesis (Statement)
What tense is illustrated by the verb in the following sentence? 'We had been eating at my brother's restaurant once a week until it went out of business. Past Perfect Progressive
What specific error is contained in the following sentence? 'Two hours are not enough time to finish the assignment.' Subject-Verb Agreement
State the mood of the verb used in the following sentence. 'If I were you, I wouldn't put up with his tardiness.' Subjunctive (Mood)
The opposite of concise, what type of sentence contains many empty or repetitive words and phrases that do not contribute to the overall meaning? Wordy (Sentence)
What type of sentence contains one dependent and one or more independent clauses? Complex (Sentence)
What word should be used in place of the incorrectly-used word in the following sentence? 'Mr. Morris insured me that he would have the report done by tomorrow morning.' Assured
What type of language would a writer be using if she presented distorted facts or figures in an attempt to manipulate or confuse the reader? Slanted (Language)
What is the grammatical classification of the word 'it' in the following sentence? 'It was I who completed the test on time.' Expletive
Consider the sentence, 'Nick went home when the game was over.' What is the complete adverb clause in this sentence? When the game was over
What mark of punctuation is used to close the salutation in a business letter, to introduce a long quotation, and to separate the hour and minutes in standard time notation? Colon
This question requires a two-part answer. Classify the following sentence according to purpose and structure: Did Hansel and Gretel escape after the witch was pushed into the oven? Interrogative, Complex
Correct the error, if there is one, in the following sentence. To whom does Ann speak about becoming a research assistant? No error
What error is present in the following sentence? Sharks can smell blood from a quarter mile away they swim toward the source like a guided missile. Run-On
For this question you'll need to give a multiple answer. What are the three simple tenses in English grammar? Present, Past, AND Future
Which part of speech is used to convey a relationship between the noun or pronoun following it and other words in the sentence? Preposition
What punctuation mark is used to indicate a sudden break in continuity or to set off an emphatic phrase from the rest of the sentence? Dash
By next week, we will have been meeting regularly for nine weeks. In what tense is the verb phrase in the preceding sentence? Future Perfect Progressive
Identify the case of the pronoun in the following sentence. Jason showed him the report for school. Objective (Case)
How many commas should be used in the following sentence? Jason Patrick, M.D., drove to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, last week to buy a new car for $25,000. 5
What mood of verbs is used to express wishes, recommendations, requests, and conditional statements? Subjunctive (Mood)
A gerund is a present participle that functions as which part of speech? Noun
What type of noun is used to name something that can be seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted? Concrete (Noun)
This question requires a two-part answer. Identify the incorrectly used word in the following sentence and tell which word should be used to replace it. 'Each human hand and foot leaves their distinctive print in the sand.' Their Should Be Its
What type of language would a writer be using if she presented distorted facts or figures in an attempt to manipulate or confuse the reader? Slanted (Language)
What error is illustrated in the following sentence? 'A good education and being smart go together.' Faulty Parallelism
In grammar, what is the term for a modifier that is considered misplaced because it is not clear whether it describes the word that comes before it or the word that follows it? Squinting (Modifier)
What has been shifted in the following sentence? Because people are living longer, an employee in the twenty-first century will retire later. Number
The most comprehensive, authoritative unabridged dictionary of the English language is often abbreviated as the OED. For what do these letters stand? Oxford English Dictionary
An example is the first two vowels in the word 'coƶperate'. What term refers to the pronunciation of two adjacent vowels in two separate syllables rather than as a diphthong? Diaeresis or Umlaut
Also called an accent, what mark is a small sign added to a letter to alter pronunciation or to distinguish between similar words? Diacritic or Diacritical (Mark)
Name the four grammatical genders. Masculine, Feminine, Neuter, Common
It is generally seen to have happened in eight steps, and it also occurred in German and Dutch languages. It occurred stand. spelling was established before this phenomenon took place accounts for many of the peculiarities in the system. Otto Jespersen Great Vowel Shift
In African American Vernacular English, the ones indicating possession and the third singular present are both null. They can be either free or bound.. Identify this smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language. Morphemes
With a stanza consisting of seven lines, its rhyme scheme is a-b-a-b-b-c-c, and is usually in iambic pentameter. Name this rhyming stanza form first used by Geoffrey Chaucer in Troilus and Criseyde and The Parlement of Foules. Ryhme Royal
This extended ballade fixed form, first introduced in French poetry, includes five stanzas with equal rhyme scheme and measure, each with eight to sixteen lines, and an envoi with a repeated rhyme. Chant Royal
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