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Schindler's List Fin

Final Test

On what date did General List's armored divisions take Krakow September 6, 1939
What characteristics of Krakow did Schindler pinpoint that would make the town a boomtown of the new regime Railroad junction, modest industries
What was Schindler's hometown Zwittau
For what profession was Schindler educated engineer
What religion did the Schindler family practice Catholic
What was Oskar Schindler's favorite sport as a young man Racing motorcycles
On what grounds did Schindler abhor military life discomfort
What could the women of Schindler's family see about him and his father that he could not see for himself That they were brothers separated by the accident of paternity
Who were the two people whose opinions Schindler most respected Emilie and his father
Why did Emilie believe Hitler would not succeed She believed he would be punished for making himself God
What was Stern's procedure for dealing with unsuitable currency He burned it
How did he write off these transactions Free samples
What was Stern's first impression of Schindler That he was not a manageable German
By government edict, what was Stern obligated to tell Schindler That he was a Jew
How did Stern believe the Jewish race would survive By petitioning, by buying off authorities
In what Polish company was Schindler interested Rekord – an enamelware factory
What other Krakow Jew met Schindler that autumn Leopold Pfefferberg
What had been Pfefferberg's job before he was in the army High school P.E. teacher
How did Pfefferberg support himself after his escape once the Jewish schools closed Selling jewelry on the black market
Of what disease did his friends say Schindler suffered generosity
What kind of officers was Schindler able to sniff out Sympathetic ones
The Einsatz soldiers knew that a struggle for national existence meant what Race warfare
What did Special Chivalrous Duty mean The hot barrel of a gun
What would replace the Madagascar solution Zyklon B
Who was Schindler's Polish mistress Victoria Klonowska
Who was Schindler's German mistress Ingrid
How many members sat on the Judenrat 24
How many members are there, at any given point in time, of the Righteous of the Nations 36
What was Schindler by nature A payer
Other than Schindler who was considered to be a sympathizer Julius Madritsch
What had the main work for the Judenrat become Drawing up lists for forced labor for transfer to the camps
What did Schindler give Klonowska for Christmas poodle
What did Schindler give Emilie and Ingrid for Christmas jewelry
What often happened to pretty, brilliant daughters of city Jewry as they emerged from lecture halls Their faces were slashed with razors
What did the ghetto represent Stasis instead of flux
What did Madritsch's factory produce uniforms
What was Stern's objective for having Schindler and Madritsch employ more Jews To give the ghetto economic permanence
What was the main thing Schindler wanted to relate to his new workers They were safe; if they worked with him they would live through the war
Who were Schindler's allies against his father Emilie, his aunts, his sister
What excuse did Schindler give his friends for not being in uniform Essential industry
What about Pfefferberg made it easy for him to move around easily outside the ghetto Aryan looks
Who was the final authority for all Jewish matters in Krakow SS Oberfuherer Julian Scherner
What did Scherner favor over killing the Jews Working them
What event made Schindler know that the Madagascar Plan was finished Germany’s invasion of Russia
Why did Herr Schindler believe Hitler wasn't meant to last He thought America would come down on him in the end
How many names did Schindler give Klonowska to call the first time he was arrested 4
What was Schindler sure his first arrest concerned Black market
What did the Dresner boys nickname the child that moved in with them Redcap
In reference to the child who moved in with the Dresners - what was the child's real name Genia
In reference to the child who moved in with the Dresners - with what relative did the child behave like a child Uncle, Idek Schindel
Czurda told Schindler that the Jews no longer had a future and that it was no longer old-fashioned Jew hate. What was it now policy
What color new sticker did the ghetto people hope the German clerks would attach to their identity cards blue
How old was Olek Rosner when he escaped the ghetto 6
What medicine, other than cyanide, did the ghetto hospital have water
What did Toffel know that Schindler did not procedures in the ghetto were getting more intense
What were those lined up for the cattle cars at the rail station still convinced of the value of passive and orderly response
In "Chapter 14" where was Schindler's missing employee already on a cattle car
Late the previous year Schindler had seen an invitation for bids for the construction of something that now seemed very relevant. What was the bid for construction of crematoria
What had Schindler's workers failed to pick up from the old Polish Savings Bank their blue stickers
What did the cattle cars tell those still left at the station "We are all beasts together."
Why were the elderly being taken to the Wieliczka salt mines to seal them into unused chambers
Who was in the line of women and children being marched out of the ghetto in "Chapter 15" that caught Schindler's attention Red Genia
In reference to the Aktion witnessed by Schindler in "Chapter 15," what was even worse if there was no shame it had official sanction
In "Chapter 15" why were the SS men permitting witnesses the witnesses would perish, too
What special weight did Schindler place on the day he witnessed the Aktion in "Chapter 15" he would do everything he could to defeat the system
What brought Bachner home The pull of the known
From Bachner’s testimony how many people could be exterminated in a day at Belzec 3000
The resistance claimed that how many more was the capacity at Auschwitz II 10,000
Who else besides Schindler considered himself a potential witness Bosko
How many did Bosko want to save everyone
Where did he hide the money In the bottom of a false-bottomed suitcase
Where did he ask Schindler to go Budapest
Who was it supposed that had submitted Schindler’s name for the post of righteous person Stern, Ginter, Biberstein
Why did the SS have four jewelers brought to the basement of the old Technical Academy To classify confiscated jewelry
What did they find when they got there Racks full of suitcases and briefcases and wooden crates
Where were the crates they completed being sent To Himmler in Berlin
According to Schindler once the body fat is gone what does the body begin to work on The brain
What was in favor of the labor camps They lacked the technical apparatus for methodical slaughter
What does Schindler think of Schmidt He is a thief
What does Schmidt get that Schindler does not want A percentage of the occupation money
As Schindler was on his way back from Budapest, who was on his way to Lublin to take command of Plaszow Amon Goeth
What could both of Goeth’s former wives have testified to about his behavior He was physically abusive
What kind of man did Goeth consider himself sensitive
What did Goeth remark when Kunde showed him the remains of the Jewish cemetery They won’t have to go far to be buried
What would the synagogue mortuary become Camp stable
To Goeth what would the fences be rather than an essential precaution A mental comfort for the prisoners
For what would recycled Jewish clothing be used Sent to bombed out families in Germany
For what would the “Polish defaced” gravestones be used Interior roads
How much did each of the trolleys of limestone weigh 6 tons
How was the limestone hauled Teams of women dragging on cables set on either side of the rock truck
How had Goeth impressed upon the men of the camp what the full terms of their labor were He performed a summary execution
What did Diana Reiter not know about Goeth That he hated her the worst
What was the only chance of the others Prompt and anonymous labor
Among men like Goeth, the word gratitude did not have an abstract meaning. Gratitude was a __________. payoff
What did Schindler tell the Jews remaining in hiding in the ghetto about hiding the night before the final Aktion They should not try hiding unless they were sure of the hiding place
What was significant about the last morning of the ghetto It was Shabbat
According to Stern, Plaszow was a labor institution; it wasn’t like Belzec where they made death like _____ made _____. Henry Ford , cars
How did Pfefferberg and his wife plan to escape sewer system
Every morning Goethe stepped out on his balcony and did what? This became a ritual at the labor camp. Murder a prisoner at random
How often were the Ukrainian guards at Emalia switched Every 2 days
Why was Goeth drawn to Rabbi Levartov He was a man of presence
After arriving at Emalia, what did Schindler arrange for Levartov to do that, at first, the rabbi thought Schindler was kidding him about Prepare for Shabbat
When Goeth, during an inspection of the enamel works, directed that this bodyguard execute Lamus, what price did Schindler pay for the man to be spared vodka
What qualified the brothers Danziger to be qualified above all for execution Their orthodox aura
When the young boy was to be hanged what happened when the support was taken out from under him Rope broke
What did the dentist from Budapest and Schindler decide was making Goeth unreasonable Bad liquor
Every night the women in the barracks went to sleep listening to someone play what music Brahm’s “Lullaby”
What was to be the signal should Stern think there was something these two should see He would tie his shoe
What did one of the men carry with him that could have gotten them all shot Miniature camera
What was used to transport the dead to the woods Bloody wheelbarrows
The Jews in Schindler’s camp thanked God that Schindler was kinder to them than to _____. his wife
How much money coming in from the resistance did Schindler keep for himself none
What was an immediate ticket to Auschwitz pregnancy
What is ODESSA The postwar secret society of former SS men
Where did Titsch hide his reels Buried in a small park in Vienna
During 1943 how many Wehrmacht uniforms did Madritsch produce Better than 20, 000
Why did Goeth keep his revolver lying at his elbow during his manicures In case the manicurist nicked him
What device did Oskar use to warn the prisoners when an SS officer demanded to go inside the factory bell
How did courting begin With permission of elders
What did the violinist hope the effect of his playing of the song would be The SS man’s suicide
What happened to the status of Plaszow It was reclassified as a concentration camp
At the Farber factory in Buna what did they do with the bodies of the starved Throw them into cable ditches with the cables and cover them with cement
Because of Plaszow’s new status, what changed with the fences They were electrified
How did prisoners arrange contact between each other Code tunes, whistles
Who officiated at the marriage of Josef and Rebecca Josef’s mother
The sirens sounded in the camp for what reason Three young Zionists escaped in a truckload of product
What excuse did Josef give for being out of his bunk diarrhea
Why were the Rosners immune from Goeth’s wrath Musical talent
Why did the Waffen SS dynamite the chambers and crematoria at the Treblinka, Sobibor, and Balzac To leave no recognizable trace
Why did the execution of the Spira family shock Oskar It showed that there was no obedience or obeisance a Jew could make to guarantee survival
Whom did Oskar stress in particular when Stern questioned Schindler’s ability to get all the Jews out of Plaszow Stern
What about Mietek Pemper would bring about the hanging of Goeth Photographic memory
How much air per person was to be allowed in the barracks 3 cubic meters
How had the SS physician, Dr. Blancke, rid the prison of the chronically ill He injected them with benzene
What did the women rub on their cheeks to give the appearance of health Red cabbage
What saved some of the children in the camp They had never registered
Why were the SS wary of the spaces in the rafters They feared typhus, lice, rats
During the railcar situation Goeth realized that Oskar was not so much reckless anymore but what possessed
What did Oskar and Garde listen to the radio all night long hoping to hear Death of Hitler
From what disease did Goeth suffer by this time Liver disease
For whom did Goeth want a space left at the end of his list of those executed for insurgency An elderly man who had let it be known he had a store of diamonds hidden outside the camp
In Oskar’s and Goeth’s game of blackjack, when Goeth began to lose heavily, what variation on the betting did Oskar suggest They bet people
Whose name was the first on Schindler’s list Helen Hirsch
What was it worth to be on Schindler’s list everything
What did Oskar take with him to his meeting with Rash to help secure the Brno front A diamond
How many names were on Schindler’s preparatory list 1.000
Where is a copy of the list today Yad Vashem
With what did Pfefferberg buy his and Mila’s way onto the list vodka
Who had come to live with Schindler Emilie
According to Hoss, how many people could be gassed in Auschwitz each day if the system was working well 9,000
What happened to most of those left after the gassing stopped They were shot
What happened to all the crematoria workers They were shot
At Schindler’s camp what became the prisoners’ vengeance Slow work
Why was the new commandant looking for children in the camps For Dr. Mengele’s experiments
Other than being a hazard to health, why was typhus feared at Brinnlitz It was reason to close the camp
What did the factory at Brinnlitz produce nothing
What did Schindler do to the inspector who claimed he could not be bribed by Schindler Oskar tripped him on the stairs; the man fell, split open his head, and broke his leg
Why did Schindler ask for 30 more workers Simply because it was 30 more souls
Why did Feigenbaum father and son count the steps from Brinnlitz to where they buried Janka So they could find her body after the war
For the Brinnlitz prisoners what was the one way left to restore humanity ritual
What gift did the prisoners present Schindler with on the night of final peace A ring; “He who saves a single life saves the world entire,” a Talmudic verse
At what moment did Schindler become dependent on the prisoners for gifts The moment he put on the ring
How did Schindler and Emilie dress when they left In prison stripes
How many prisoners volunteered to go with the Schindlers 8
Why would the Schindlers’ Mercedes not start Someone, afraid of their departure, had cut the wires
What did some of the Brinnlitz prisoners do to the Kapo from Gross-Rosen Hanged him
Why did the Brinnlitz prisoners hang typhus signs on the wire To scare away the SS
How many Russians were in the group what liberated the camp 1
Why did Richard Horowitz become hysterical at playgrounds The swing frames reminded him of what he had witnessed
Where had the prisoners traveling with the Schindlers hope to take them Switzerland
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